Wednesday, July 19, 2017

6 Ways to Spare Your Biz (or Home) From A Summer Crime Spike

Summer is here and it’s a hot one this year! During these hot summer months it is statistically proven that crime increases slightly. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, seasonal patterns show an increase in property crime (burglary, auto theft, and other theft) and violent victimization (rape and sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault) during the summer. „ According to a Bureau report on Seasonal Patterns in Criminal Victimization Trends, “When seasonal variations in household property victimization were found, the differences between the highest and lowest seasonal rates were less than 11%.”

It’s important to be aware of this spike in crime so you can protect yourself, family, home and business.  

There are different theories as to why crime rates go up during the summer months. Some factors may include:
  • Better weather conditions including warmer temperatures make it easier to commit crime.
  • Families are out and about on vacation, events, etc. and away from their home or business property creating the perfect opportunity for theft.
  • It’s possible that elevated temperatures can contribute to a rise in aggressive behavior, which can lead to crime.

For these reasons it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your business, home and automobile from a summer crime spike. Here are 6 ways to do this:

  1. Protect your home by having someone check on it when you’re away. Give your neighbor a spare key and ask them to check on the property daily as well as pick up mail and other deliveries.
  2. Protect your business and home with covert surveillance. We have some great home automation security products that will help you defend the interior and exterior of your home and business from burglary and theft. No matter where you are, you can now keep a close eye on your property from your smartphone or other device! Example: This hidden camera blends perfectly into your home or business disguised as a smoke detector. For more information our our SG Home products and home automation click here. Need help determining what kind of covert camera system you need? We’ve covered that here!
  3. Protect your home by pretending you're still there! Leave lights on with timers set to random settings or eave a tv or radio turned up so it can be heard from outside the door or window. And finally, for goodness sake, don’t make a big announcement on social media about your trip until it’s completed! These above safety measures work for small businesses as well.
  4. Protect your business from theft by putting someone in charge while you’re away. Have a trusted, reliable employee take over security detail when you're on vacation or leave during the summer so you can relax and not have to worry about employee theft or loss prevention.
  5. Protect your business valuables and fleet while you’re away with GPS tracking. Covertly track any asset that has value to your business or track employees that need to be monitored. Quickly and easily identify the precise location of every fixed or movable asset in your business with reliable round-the-clock asset tracking and communications. Track everything easily from your vacation with the iTrail app! Click here for more great ideas on business and inventory loss prevention.
  6. Protect automobiles while you’re away with our dual dash cam! It’s advanced features include two 720P HD cameras that rotate 180 degrees to record front, back and side views inside or outside your vehicle in sharp, HD video quality.

Contact us today at 800-590-4272 or for more information and to purchase any of the products mentioned above.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Tips For Safe Teen Driving: Summer Edition

Summer is here and the family schedule is about to be thrown out for a few months! The tradition of taking a break from the confines of a work/ education schedule is enjoyed around the world by all cultures. Don’t get us wrong, schedules have their time and place, just not summertime!

There is one area that can become more difficult when you lose the schedule for the summer: Keeping up with your teen driver!

During the school year, we know where our teens are because they have places to go and things to do.
But during the summer….
Parents are working and teens are home.
Teens spend more time riding with friends.
The curfew often becomes more relaxed.
Teens can become more relaxed and less focused.
No schedule means no idea where you kids are!

For these reasons it’s a good idea to create a summer driving schedule for your teen driver.

Unfortunately there are other, more sobering and important reasons:

During the summer teen deaths related to auto accidents increase. In 2012, June and July had the highest numbers of teenage crash deaths of any months.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a report in May 2012 that showed that the risk of 16- or 17-year old drivers being killed in a crash increases with each additional teenage passenger in the vehicle. The risk increases 44 percent with one passenger; it doubles with two passengers, and quadruples with three or more passengers.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 15- to 20-year olds, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. 

Here are some recommendations that will help you keep track of your teen driver this summer and decrease the likelihood for an auto accident!

Have a family shared schedule
You can now sync your family calendar with all devices and share it with your entire family. This is a great, free tool that will help keep everyone in the family on the same page. We recommend having a family calendar planning meeting weekly to discuss events for the week and make sure they all make it on the calendar. Any changes that are made will be automatically updated for everyone. Also, you can set alerts and reminders that will let you know when your teen is on the road and where they’re going.

Download an app that prevents you from texting and driving
A report from the Virginia Tech Institute for Transportation found that you’re 23 times more likely to get in a car accident if you text while driving, far surpassing other distractions. According to 11 teens die every day as a result of texting while driving. And 94% of teen drivers acknowledge the dangers of texting and driving, but 35% admitted to doing it anyway. has a great list of 7 free apps that will ensure that your teen is not even tempted to text while they’re behind the wheel of a car!

Track your teen driver with our iTrail GPS Tracking Device
Our iTrail Solo is a small device that is easily hidden in a glove box, the iTrail can text or email you when the drivers goes over a certain speed. You can set the technology up with your own discretions called "excessive speed alert." Know about their lead foot before the police do and before anything tragic happens!
Additionally, you can see starts and stops, idling, and whether or not they leave the Geo-fencing you've set up. You can create a safety zone -AKA, Geo-Fence - to alert you when your teen driver leaves this predetermined safety zone.The iTrail monitors their position on Google Maps and reports back to you every 30-60 seconds.
With this GPS tracking device, parents can see when their teens drive, how they drive, where they drive, and what roads they drive on! The iTrail really is the best device currently on the market for parents of teen drivers!

Read more about monitoring your teen driver in our recent blog post.

We hope helps you relax a little more and enjoy your summer with a teen driver! Contact us at 800-590-4272 or to purchase your iTrail Solo GPS Tracking device today!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to Choose Between WiFi and DVR Surveillance For Your Home or Business

Every day new home or business owners identify a need for covert surveillance. Their need for hidden cameras could be related to business inventory loss prevention, corporate theft, or personal and home security needs such as keeping an eye on valuable assets, the kids, the nanny or an elderly loved one. With more than 2 decades of experience making and designing spy cams, we get called to help with their decision making process.

One of the first choices you’ll need to make when you decide to purchase a home or business surveillance system is to choose between a Wi-fi or DVR camera. Both of these covert camera options come with benefits. There is no right or wrong choice. But there is a better choice depending on your needs and the situation.

Here are the different features of each:

A DVR Camera may be the better for your home or business if…
Need reliable DIY functionality.
Would prefer memory card recording for portable, transferable storage.
Very unlikely to be hacked since it’s not connected to the internet.
Good for short term surveillance.
No Monthly access fee.
No worries about bad connections.
Less expensive options available like our Zone Shield EZ products.

A Wi-fi camera may be the better solution for your home or business if…
You’re looking for a great long-term covert camera system.
You need to view live video anytime from anywhere.
You want to have multiple cameras in different locations and want to see them on one app.
Coming soon- Need to store large amounts of data storage on the cloud.
Would like to receive notifications when someone enters your home or business.
Need live viewing access for multiple people from any smartphone or tablet.

We always like talking with our customers and helping them identify the right camera for their home or business depending on their specific needs. Call or email us at 615-620-1370 or 800-590-4272 or and let's figure it out!

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

4 Ways to Stay Safe at Summer Festivals

Since the days of Woodstock, attending summer music festivals has been and continues to be one of America’s favorite summer activities. Every year a new summer music festival is added to the fabulous list around the country. Haven’t chosen your summer music festival yet? Elle Magazine has put together a great list of festivals around the country.

This year at most of the summer festivals you find the hottest bands- think The Weekend, Muse, Chance the Rapper, etc. You’ll also find, as you do every year, very big crowds of smelly people- young and old. In fact, you can find KJB Security’s very own president and her family at the Bonaroo Music Festival just outside of Nashville almost every year!

At KJB Security, Inc., our focus is alway on helping you protect what matters and keeping you KJB Safe! So we’ve come up with a few tips to help you or your loved one stay safe at summer festivals!

Stay safe by knowing your locations.
There are a few important locations that you should figure out as soon as you arrive and get set up. The first is a spot that is easy to find in case your group gets separated. The best place would be a landmark that can be seen from anywhere in the area. The second is the location of the medical tent in case of emergency! In general, it’s a good idea for you and your friends to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Stay safe with GPS Tracking
Send your teen or college student off to the summer music festival this year with our iTrail GPS tracking device. Our iTrail Solo has a 14 hour battery life and can easily fit into your purse or backpack. You will receive location updates every 30 or 60 seconds. The best part? You can know when your tracker has left a specified area using our GeoFence alerts sent to your device!

Stay safe using the buddy system
Having a friend with you at all times will help you stay safe. It will also increase the likelihood of finding your way back to your tent or home base if you get lost! There are so many potential issues you can run into at summer festivals. Your friends can help keep you out of trouble and into having fun!

Stay safe by staying healthy!  
There are just a few things to remember to stay safe in the hot summer sun at an outdoor festival.

  • Have lots of water on hand
  • Have lots of sunscreen on hand
  • Don’t over do it on the alcohol! 
  • Don’t forget to eat! 

Contact us at 800-590-4272 or to learn more about our iTrail GPS Tracking devices. Enjoy your summer festival and stay safe!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5 Ways Home Automation and Security Work Hand in Hand

Over the next couple of months KJB Security will be transitioning our ENTIRE line of SleuthGear Wi-Fi cameras to SG Home automation with our new SG Home App. Home automation and security work hand in hand. This merger of your favorite home and business security products with the new world of home and business automation brings with it some great features and advantages that will make your life so much easier.

Here are 5 ways home automation and security work hand in hand.

Home automation keeps safety within your control 24/7
With our SG Home app you now have 24 hour / 7 days a week remote live viewing from the palm of your hand. Yes, this means you can be 2,000 miles away on a beach sipping a fruity drink while viewing your home our business interior or exterior to make sure everything is secure! Or you can be at an event and check in on your kids anytime you need to simply with a glance at your phone. Keep an eye on everything: Your home, business, kids, pets and valuable possessions from your tablet, PC or smartphone. Don’t like what you see? One touch recording allows you to quickly record and share video or snapshots of the scene. Anytime… from anywhere.

Home automation is secure
We’ve made sure you will feel secure every time you check on your home or business from your SG Home app by enabling password protection. Furthermore, hidden SSID means that your camera's location is completely hidden from intruders. And last but not least, built-in battery operated covert camera models are available, including outdoor cameras, for an additional layer of security. Get up to 90 days of standby battery life in these hidden cameras that blend into your home, office or outdoor environment.

Home automation simplifies your life
One touch recording allows you to quickly record and share video or snapshots of the scene. Our SG Home long life battery models offer up to 90 days of standby recording. One touch recording allows you to quickly record and share video or snapshots of the scene. Plus switching from the EZ See app used by our old products to the new SG Home app will make setup a snap.

Home automation alerts you immediately
Our new SG Home app sends push notifications when the camera is activated by something entering its area! You can quickly wake up the camera to check the scene remotely from the SG Home app with Wake PIR. Afraid of false alerts? We’ve got that covered. Our latest technology has PIR sensors for fewer false alerts.

Our Home Security Automation will soon include Cloud recording!
KJB Security will soon be first in the WORLD to offer cloud recording for hidden cameras! With cloud recording you will be able to access your recorded videos from any device connected to the internet. Also, your files won’t take up valuable space on your hard drive. Finally, with cloud recording you can have peace of mind knowing your files will always be safe from hackers or computer failure. The future of cloud recording for Wi-Fi covert security cameras will be here very soon!

Contact us today at 800-590-4272 or to learn more about our Home Automation Security Products!

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