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iProtect 3 Channel White noise Generator 12

Item# DNG KIT1


It is well-known that sound permeates through walls, doors, water, windows and other constructions as well as through voids, cavities and ventilation shafts. These outlets makes it possible
to intercept conversations conducted within a room or any  premises with the help of highly sensitive contact microphones (electronic stethoscopes), window laser systems or conventional microphones without entering the room ( target area). For bigger areas get the DNG KIT1 a white noise generator kit that helps to keep conversations and information private. Have confidential meetings and speak freely in your office, conference room or any private space. This kits comes with the iProtect DNG 2300 3 channel  digital white noise generator, 12  transducer, and two speakers all in a aluminum case for easy transport. 


iTrail Endurance GPS Tracker

Item# GPS903-4G


Get almost a year of tracking with the iTrail Endurance using all the best cellular networks available from 2G to 5G. This 20,000mAh battery powered GPS Tracker has 265 days of stand-by power.  The iTrail Endurance has built-in magnets so no extra case needed. Low price subscriptions that include world wide tracking at not extra charge with no long term commitment plus flexible cancelation. 


iTrail Solo

Item# GPS900


The first of its kind, the iTrail SOLO is a small personal tracker with a long battery life of up to 30 hours of drive time!

Using  All the best cellular networks from 2G to  5G for reliable tracking, the iTrail SOLO works with our low-cost tracking subscriptions. Three customized plans will meet your tracking needs and ALL iTrail trackers include worldwide coverage at  no extra charge . Plus, iTrail never charges a cancellation fee.


Smartwatch DVR Camera

Item# PV-WT20W

Works and looks just like any smartwatch, but inside is also a hidden camera and DVR! The LawMate Smartwatch connects to the free App PVCam Veiwer so you can control, view and dowloand video from your cell phone. 


Delta S Countersurveillance Sweeping System


Both Easy to learn and powerful the Delta S is a  sweeping system that quickly and reliably detects all types of RF surveillance device up to 6GHz,  the spectral analysis provides high sensitivity and a long detection distance of more then 10 to 20 times that of other RF detectors and near-field receivers. Plus the Delta S has a special mode to detect cellular  jamming devices.


iProtect Multi-Channel Wireless Detector

Item# DD1217

The first of its kind, all-in-one detector that is easy to use for any TSCM level. Find GPS trackers, cell phone signals and other wireless protocols easily using this Multi-Channel Digital Detector. The 1217 will pick up with higher accuracy 2,3,4 and 5G mobile bands. Other detection devices become overloaded with signals from the base station rendering them practically unusable in large cities. The DD1217 is designed to avoid interference from base station.