GPS Trackers

GPS tracking allows the user to know the location of any vehicle, person or asset. Live updates are sent via an app and can be checked in real time on a smart device. Both battery powered and hardwired options are available. Tracking can be done on a month to month plan or packages include six or twelve months of tracking.

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iTrail Endurance GPS Tracker

Item# GPS903-4G


Get almost a year of tracking with the iTrail Endurance using all the best cellular networks available from 2G to 5G. This 20,000mAh battery powered GPS Tracker has 265 days of stand-by power.  The iTrail Endurance has built-in magnets so no extra case needed. Low price subscriptions that include world wide tracking at not extra charge with no long term commitment plus flexible cancelation. 


iTrail Solo Extended Battery Kit

Item# GPS933-4G

Our iTrail portable, battery powered GPS tracking device, extended battery and weatherproof case. Powered by Verizon and our exclusive iTrail Live GPS tracking platform.


iTrail Solo

Item# GPS900


The first of its kind, the iTrail SOLO is a small personal tracker with a long battery life of up to 30 hours of drive time!

Using  All the best cellular networks from 2G to  5G for reliable tracking, the iTrail SOLO works with our low-cost tracking subscriptions. Three customized plans will meet your tracking needs and ALL iTrail trackers include worldwide coverage at  no extra charge . Plus, iTrail never charges a cancellation fee.


iTrail Solo with Magnetic Waterproof Case

Item# GPS931-4G

The iTrail Solo portable tracker with an included water resistant magnet mounting case. Use this great kit for rapid deployment vehicle tracking.


iTrail Snap OBD-ll 4G Tracker

Item# GPS901-4G

Our trusted iTrail Snap is now available in 4G. It is the easiest way to begin tracking a vehicle. Insert the iTrail Snap into your On Board Diagnostic Port (OBD-II) and you'll be tracking in minutes. Because you are using the OBD-II port you never have to worry about battery life. 4G GPS + our exclusive iTrail Live GPS Tracking Platforms.


iTrail Convoy 4G

Item# GPS902-4G

Our trusted iTrail Convoy is now equipped with a 4G network. This hardwired, rugged, professional grade vehicle tracker also has a 12 hour back up battery so you never have to worry about a loss of power interrupting your peace of mind. 4G GPS + our easy to use iTrail Live GPS tracking platform.