Detecting Rogue RF Spy Transmitters in the Fog of Urban Signal Overload

KJB Security Blog

The iProtect DD1217 is a Wide Band Selective Signal RF Detector that helps you discover and pinpoint rogue RF transmitting devices planted in unsuspecting locations.  This newly designed system combines all previously utilized RF detection technology into one powerful, portable countermeasures suite.  Capable of detecting and identifying signals from 26 bands including frequencies and transmission modes often overlooked by other detection methods, the DD1217 has features often reserved for systems that exceed the budgets of most individuals.  This long awaited compact RF detection technology package is everything you need to combat most modern wireless espionage threats. 

Worldwide coverage ensures that you are not geographically limited to where the DD1217 can realistically and accurately operate.  All cellular transmission bands including GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G with extended coverage up to 6GHz helps you maintain a protective RF bubble wherever you go. 

The various operating modes reduce the time from detection to location significantly.  All bands, Group, Individual Band, and GPS tracker modes will aid you in the elimination of known devices while assisting you in determining what’s a threat and what isn't. 

Understanding RF detection technology is mysterious and confusing to just about everyone. Let’s demystify just exactly what the DD1217 does by describing it this way: Imagine you are in a crowded theater and you are tasked with locating a rogue spy. You know what these spies normally look and sound like but you can’t see in the dark and the noise is too loud to hear them. 

After scanning the room your detector immediately starts giving indications of spies on the display screen but you realize that it could be anyone in the room.  You tap a button to narrow down the possibilities and now you know that in this room it’s only the dark haired, blue eyed male people who could be the spies.  This narrows down your suspect list significantly and you now start using the direction finding feature until you detect the spy and apprehend him.

This is exactly what the DD1217 helps you do but in the rogue RF signal realm. The DD1217 is designed to help you filter out known, safe signals, so that you can pinpoint unsafe signals.