Monday, August 10, 2020

Top Five Health and Safety Surveillance Cameras

In just a few short months the businesses we used to walk casually into have changed. Some have limited hours and require masks. Others have been unable to reopen because of an inability to make customers and employees feel safe. Everyone has been affected by the virus’ impact on the world including KJB Security. In late March we began searching for and testing a new kind of security equipment: the kind of camera that makes us feel safe against an intruder we can’t see. Our security equipment line expanded beyond spy and surveillance to Health and Safety. Here are our Top Five health and safety devices:

1) The Body Temperature Scanner Camera - TMT2. This camera is the workhorse of our health and safety fleet. In less than a second it scans for abnormal temperatures, prompts a user to wear a mask, and uses facial scanning to log that person’s presence in a facility. It’s perfect for access control at warehouses, large factories or processing plants. It can also become an all-in-one sanitation kiosk by adding a 4 foot stand and hand gel dispenser (TMT2CSD)

2) The Industrial Hands Free Body Thermometer - TMT3. As businesses like retail and hospitality began to welcome back customers we realized they needed a rapid-fire temp check device. The TMT3 is up to 3 times faster than a handheld thermometer. It has an audible warning for abnormal temperatures and can be attached to access control. 

3) The Touchless Thermometer with Hand Sanitizer Station - TMT3HS. Following in the footsteps of both TMT2 and TMT3 the Thermometer with Hand Sanitizer Station both checks temperatures and offers a quick squirt of hand gel. It can easily be mounted near the entrance points of a lobby, classroom, or office. Like the TMT3 it is up to 3 times faster than a handheld thermometer.

4) The Thirty Person Thermal Image Body Temp Scanner - TMT30. When concern about large gatherings contributing to the spread dawned across the business landscape it became obvious there needed to be a device that could scan crowds for symptoms. We introduced the TMT30. It can scan up to thirty people simultaneously. It does not use facial recognition but does sore records of individuals entering a space to help with contact tracing.

5) Rounding out our top 5 device line-up is not a camera or thermometer but all the accessories that make these health and safety surveillance cameras easy to add to your business. The TMT2 can be attached to an available desktop, 2 foot or 4 foot stand. The TMT3 and TMT3HS can be attached to a 4 foot tripod. And the TMT30 INCLUDES a 4 foot tripod. 

While we adjust to a new normal in the time of coronavirus the best way we can reclaim our freedom is to limit our exposure through social distancing and staying home. But when we can’t do that, devices that check temperature, maintain crowd control, and station hand sanitizer every few feet can make the public environments we frequent a safer place to be.

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Where to find a reliable US Supplier for RF Detectors

What Are RF Detectors?
RF detectors are devices which indicate the presence of radio frequency waves. They are often used to detect the presence of any spy surveillance devices nearby. Individuals trying to protect proprietary or personal information will often employ an RF detector to sweep a space for hidden listening devices or hidden cameras.

How Can RF Detectors Aid You?
An RF detector is a spy accessory used to indicate any hidden cameras or hidden listening devices, commonly called 'bugs'. Often while using restrooms, dorms, official buildings we suspect the presence of a camera nearby. While some smart phone apps claim they can search for hidden cameras or audio spying most smart phones are not able to check for the frequencies used by such spy equipment. RF detectors are reliable devices which can be used anywhere to ensure your own safety.

Where to get the best Wholesale RF Detectors
Although many sites such as Amazon promise cheap RF detectors there is no way to guarantee the quality of these counter measure devices. It's even harder for an online reseller to determine if their supplier is reliable or is just importing cheap junk with some lights and buzzers. That's where KJB Security comes in. We've been an online wholesale supplier of wholesale spy and security equipment for over twenty years. We test our products and vet our supply chain to make sure the RF detectors we wholesale to you are reliable and trustworthy. Want to sell wholesale RF detectors? Then visit our Become a Dealer Page.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

How Wholesale Spy Equipment Can Benefit Your Customers

In the present era, no one can be too careful. Security has become one of the most important priorities in our lives. Through spy equipment, individuals can easily keep an eye on a workplace or home. You can also monitor any kind of incident that has happened in your absence. Spy equipment includes many types of devices from spy cameras to audio jammers, GPS trackers, and voice amplifiers. Some of these spy devices are even small enough to fit on a keychain or in a button hole. Here are some of the reasons why spy gear is a good addition to a home or business security plan:

Identifying Criminals:
Through spy cams, thieves and burglars can be identified easily. If you have been robbed and you have footage of the robbery, you can use the footage to aid in the stolen goods' return. You should not use dummy cameras because they can be recognized effortlessly.

Aiding The Police:
By giving the recorded footage of the robbery to the police, the thieves will be caught. This way, the police will recover your lost items and prevent the thieves from committing future crimes.

Protecting Your Family:
Spy equipment can also be used to keep an eye on your children and pets especially when both parents are working outside the home.

Insurance Benefits:
Spy equipment can also be used to get insurance benefits after you have been a victim of theft. If you have been a subject to a personal liability claim on your property, spy cameras can determine what really happened. In some cases you can even get a discount on your insurance premiums by using spy equipment around your personal property.

Want to Sell the Best Spy Equipment Online?
There was a time when only a few people could afford spy cams at their houses and offices. Now with ever improving technology, much of the surveillance market has become more affordable. Many online retailers are adding spy, security, and surveillance equipment to their product mix. Customers who are interested in investing in the latest electronic gadgets are seeing spy gear as something valuable for their daily lives.

After twenty years in the business KJB Security has a reputation of manufacturing and distributing the best wholesale surveillance devices on the market. Their range of wholesale spy equipment includes:

4K Hidden Video and Spy Cameras:
With 4K resolution, 4K spy cams record crystal clear footage. This hidden video is recorded to a memory card onboard the spy camera. These hidden cameras are built into every day household objects that any individual can set up and then return to retrieve the video. Some are even battery powered and weather resistant allowing them to be set up outdoors.

Wi-fi Spy Cameras:
For users who don't want or don't think it's safe to return to where the camera is placed wi-fi spy cams are a good option. Like 4K hidden video cameras these surveillance devices can also be set up outside or battery-operated. The cameras send a live video feed to the user's smart phone for monitoring remotely.

LawMate Cameras and DVRs
Many law enforcment personnel have learned to rely on the brand name LawMate for hidden cameras and spy devices that help them close cases. KJB Security is the foremost distributor of LawMate products in North America. From law enforcement and private investigators to private citizens many individuals can buy and use LawMate cameras and DVRs from our dealer network.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Using Drop Shipping to Build An Online Business

What Is Drop Shipping?
Drop shipping has recently become a highly attractive way of earning a little extra cash. Through the practice of drop shipping you can partner with various suppliers selling products or various brands. These suppliers will let you display the products in your online store. The products are held by the supplier unless a customer purchases it from your web store. Once the item has been purchased the supplier delivers it directly to the customer.

Why Would You Drop Ship?
It's an effective and efficient way to increase the product line of an online retailer. By drop shipping the retailer or dealer does not incur the cost of buying and warehousing goods until they are sold.

What Is The Potential Hindrance?
Finding a reputable supplier for your web store is not an easy thing. Without knowing if a supplier is trustworthy, an online retailer might wind up in a relationship with a drop shipper that doesn't actually send the goods once purchased.

Be Cautious!
Do your due diligence! Study the webpages of drop ship partners you are considering. How often do their products change out? How many positive vs. negative reviews can you find? Are they considered an expert on the products in the market. Believe it or not working with a drop shipper that also sells their own products directly is a good thing. That means the company stands behind their products themselves and are less likely to disappear overnight leaving you holding the bag with an angry customer.

Why KJB Security as a Drop Ship partner for Spy Gear?
KJB Security is a seasoned wholesaler, distributer and a drop shipper of spy equipment. With over twenty years in the spy and surveillance business KJB Security has served a global clientele of large and small dealers alike. Behind the scenes their team is committed to same day problem solving. Drop shippers can choose to only purchase one line of products and there is no minimum purchase. KJB Security backs up all the products they sell with dedicated customer service and tech support. The process of becoming a KJB affiliated drop shipper is hassle-free. Find out more here.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

RF Detectors For Personal and Business Protection

Radio Frequency (RF) detectors are devices that check for the presence of radio frequency waves in an environment. Some common uses include:

Search for hidden listening devices:
A hidden listening device, or bug, can be disguised inside a lamp, hidden on a bookshelf or tucked into a plant stand. However an RF detector will signal when it senses unusual RF activity, and beep or click as it gets closer to that activity. Then a physical search of the suspicious location can reveal if someone really has been spying on your conversations.

Search for hidden cameras:
Cameras hidden in your home, hotel room, Air BnB rental or office space can transmit video over wi-fi to a waiting smart phone. If you suspect that someone is spying on you use a RF detector to search for the presence of unusal wi-fi activity. Like when search for hidden bugs, the RF detector will beep or click when it gets near the hidden camera.

Search for GPS monitoring devices:
If you suspect that someone has been following you or its just too much of a coincidence that a certain individual keeps turning up in the same place at the same time it could be because they are tracking your vehicle. While that's a disconcerting notion it is easily determined with an RF detector. The RF detector can search for devices transmitting wi-fi or GPS signals from your vehicle.

RF Detectors for Everyday Use

If you sell wholesale spy equipment online and would like to offer security and surveillance to your privacy minded customers then consider adding these popular wholesale RF detectors to your product mix:

Concealable Wand
It is small enough to fit into your pocket, which makes it portable. It's battery power is 20 hours. It contains three types of alert modes (normal, vibrating and loud audio).

RF Wireless Signal Detector by iProtect
This type of RF detector has an antenna on top of it to catch RF signals in crowded environments. It protects you from all kinds of digital, analog, WiFi or cellular threats. You can keep a different signal for each alert so only you know the meaning of it.

Handheld RF Signal Detector
It is very small and, like the wand, it can be fitted into a purse or pocket. Try both analog and digital detection to see what suits you better. It is a cellular and audio bug detector. It searches for the target that gives off the signals so a hidden camera or audio bug can be located and then disabled.

Professional Digital RF Detector
This detector not only detects cameras but also Bluetooth, WI-FI and other devices that generate RF signals to ensure complete privacy. It pinpoints the exact source of the signals. You can also change its notification tones such as silent, vibration, and loud audio.

Personal Multi Bug Detector
It is a compact device that detects all sorts of threats such as audio, video, bugs, GPS, etc. Through this detector, you can protect your privacy anywhere you want to. It works with a 9V battery and does not need to be charged.

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