Counter Surveillance Kits

With TSCM professionals in mind, we've combined the most useful counter measure devices into kits. Depending on your use - audio or video detection - we've got a kit that puts the most useful counter surveillance tools at your fingertips.

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KJB Security

Road Warrior Kit

Item# DD1020

Made for those who travel, our Road Warrior kit detects credit card skimmers at gas pumps and ATMs as well as protects you from hidden cameras in hotel rooms or AirBnB rentals. Every day the news is filled with unsuspecting travelers discovering a snoop or spy camera in their hotel room. Approximately 40% of Americans have fallen prey to credit card theft. With the Road Warrior Kit we've combined our two most portable DIY counter surveillance devices into one economical personal protection solution.


Ultimate Protection TSCM Kit

Item# DD2030

Protect from eavesdropping using four of our NG3000 Rabblers plus search for hidden cameras with this kit. Rapidly deploy all the items in DD2030 anywhere you feel threatened by eavesdroppers or hidden cameras. The Rabbler creates an additional barrier of noise interference making it possible to mask your conversation when confidentiality is necessary. The Pro Camera Finder DD1200 quickly identifies and locates a camera by using an array of ultra-bright LED's. Use the DD1216 to scan for RF signals up to 12G


Detection and Counter Surveillance Kit

Item# DD2000

Feel safe, secure and protect your environment and information from outside threats. We've created a detection and counter surveillance kit that will aid and identify surveillance threats of any kind.

KJB Security

RF Detections and Lens Finder Kit

Item# DD1000

A detection kit with everything you need to Protect from RF bugs and hidden cameras.