Audio Security Accessories

From extra power supplies to extra antennas, the right accessories can make all the difference in a counter measure sweep.

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Omni Directional Antenna


The Omni antenna is a perfect addition to any RF device, including RF detectors, spectrum analyzers, receivers, etc. Typical antenna supplied with a near-field RF detector receives higher frequencies quite well but might be weak at lower bands.


MicroWave Antenna 12GHz

Item# DX-MWA12

The DX-MWA12 antenna is a perfect addtion to any RF device incuding RF Detectors, spectrum ananlyzer, and recivers. when it is necessary to detect or receive singals above 2GHz: 3G, uppler band 4G/LTE, WiFi 2.4ghz, Bluetooth, WiFi 5GHz wireless cameras and more. 


MicroWave Antenna 6GHz

Item# DX-MWA

Can be used with any RF equipment, including receivers, spectrum analyzers, RF detectors, etc. Is particularly good for the location of GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G (LTE, Wi-Max), Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 5GHz, DECT and other digital transmissions.


ORION Tool Kit

Item# OTK-4000

The Inspection Toolkit contains selected tools for verifying the existence of threatening electronic surveillance devices.

KJB Security

Waterproof Protective Case-Large

Item# 2800 CASE

Great larger size watertight case to keep high value items dry and safe.

KJB Security

Waterproof Protective Case-Small

Item# 1800 CASE

Great watertight case to keep high value items dry and safe.