Hidden Cameras

Designed inside household objects and appliances, our hidden cameras blend into any environment making it easy to drop in on your nanny, teen or spouse when you are away. Video can be stored on a memory card or saved to the cloud. Featuring 4K video, the captured evidence can be reviewed easily from a smart phone or computer.

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SG Xtreme Life Solar Wi-Fi Birdhouse

This common plastic birdhouse really houses a wi-fi enabled hidden camera that is powered by a long life battery and solar panel. Inside the modular 3D printed housing is a 1080P camera and memory card. Set-up takes minutes and then you're ready to catch some bird brained behavior in your yard or parking lot.

Xtreme Life 4K Solar Powered Tree Stump

Item# SC70194KSP
Set up the solar powered hidden camera Tree Stump in seconds and record 4K hidden video to the included memory card. Our weather resistant tree stump camera will blend in with a yard, parking area or vacant lot. The included solar panel provides continuous power so your security will never be interupted. 

Xtreme Life 4K Wood Frame Hidden Camera

Item# SC70214K
Keep an eye on what you love with our Wood Frame 4k Hidden Camera. Record crystal clear 4K hidden video to the included memory card 
KJB Security

Xtreme Life 4K Solar Power Rock

Item# SC70004KSP
This hidden camera records 4K video and sits, undetected, in your yard or parking lot watching your home or business. Powered by the long life battery which is charged by the solar panel, this 4K hidden Solar Rock Camera is an easy addition to security and surveillance plan. 

LawMate Key Fob Style Hidden Camera

Item# PV-RC400UW
This portable hidden camera is designed to look like an ordinary key fob. One touch of the lock button turns it on, press again to start recording, then press unlock to stop. Video is recorded in 4K on a memory card up to 256GB. It comes with a 128GB memory card.

SG Xtreme Life Solar Rock

Looks like a fun landscape decoration for your garden but it's really a hidden security camera watching your doors day and night. Give your self peace of mind with SG Xtreme Life Solar Rock. Surveillance camouflaged into your landscaping. Keep an eye on those tough to see spots. This portable hidden camera technology allows you to move it around until you get the best view without ever looking out of place.