Camera Kits

Get groups of cameras that complement different locations in a home or office. These camera bundles are priced to make a multi-camera set-up attractive. Plus, all camera hidden kits - SleuthGear, Zone Shield, Xtreme Life - work on the same app together, making multi-camera remote view a snap.

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SG Battery Doorbell Camera and Battery Camera Set

Item# SG1010

Home security is on most home owners minds! We make it easy and affordable with our Sleuthgear line of security cameras. This set includes our SGDB doorbell camera and our SGBC indoor/outdoor camera. Both our small and so easy to install, the SG Home Doorbell Camera will give you the security you need to see your door from your smart device, no matter where you are. The motion sensor will trigger recording, capture video and send alerts to your smart device quickly. Two-way talk lets you speak to anyone at your door no matter where you are. The Battery Camera offers up the same as the doorbell camera but also can be powered by solar and it can be installed indoor or outdoors.


Xtreme Life Kit With Bottom View Smoke Detector

Item# SG1000BV

When you need a camera and a hidden camera this kit is for you. Included in this kit is a favorite with all our customer the Smoke detector hidden camera (bottom view) it is discreet and can be added anywhere. Then we add our reliable indoor/outdoor solar powered Overt battery security camera to make a complete easy to install battery operated Home Security System. All include Motion activated, Night Vision, Battery powered.


SG Xtreme Life Kit With Smoke Detector

Item# SG1000SV

Kits give you more for the money, sometimes you need a hidden camera and an regular security camera, this kit has both it incudes the popular Smoke detector side view hidden camera and our newest solar battery power security camera. Versatile and discreet. Easy to install View life video from anywhere from the easy to use APP. Night vision, Battery powered. What more can you ask for!


SG Indoor/Outdoor Battery or Solar Power Camera x 2

Item# SG1020

Our camera just got 2X better, save some money and get 2 of the best little battery home security camera we offer. When you need an easy-to-use, reliable camera for indoor or outdoor security the SG Home Battery Camera System is the right choice. Set up in a snap with no need for power or cables. It is Wi-Fi enabled with Cloud or Memory card recording. Comes with a free Solar Panel for outdoor continuous charging.


SleuthGear Wi-Fi Ultimate Home Security Kit

Item# SG1030

Everything you need for an affordable Home Security System, this kit includes our SleuthGear Wi-fi cameras 1- flood light camera SGFL, 1-Battery/solar camera SGBC and 1- Doorbell camera SGDB. All work on batteries so no messy cables to run, All work on our UBox app with SD card or cloud recording options.


SG Solar Floodlight Camera and Doorbell

Item# SG1040

Entirely Functional, this covert camera Blu-Ray Player comes with Wi-Fi, allowing you, the user, to access live video feed from anywhere on your smart phone or tablet when connect to your home network, personal surveillance has never been so easy using SleuthGear hidden Cameras. 120V 60Hz Only