Camera/DVR Sets

Pairing cameras and DVRs together means that you have a seamless solution for monitoring and recording video in the field. From a hidden wearable camera to a standalone DVR/Camera unit these sets cover all applications of video recording. Some cameras can even be built into household appliances to design your own hidden cameras. DVRs record at crystal clear high resolution so that you never miss a minute of evidence.

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CMOS 1080P Color Camera Cone Lens

Item# C1025

This lightweight easily hidden camera comes with a cone lens that makes it a easier to put up against a flat surface like a drop ceiling.


1080P HD Button Camera Set

Item# C1023



LawMate Handheld Wi-fi DVR

Item# DVR542WF

Last one left then they are gone for good! 

Stream live video over the internet with this handheld DVR that connects to LawMate CCD and CMOS cameras.


Touch Screen Analog DVR and Camera Set

Item# PV-500ECO2


LawMate combines old and new technology rolled into one DVR. The Touch Screen Analog DVR and Camera Set features the ability to use CMOS and CCD analog cameras to capture footage with the look and feel of new technology.


Covert Button & Screw CCD Camera

Item# C1027



The LawMate C1020/BU-18 Reliable Button Camera just got an Upgrade. The 700 TVL High resolution CCD image sensor captures high quality color video and offers the best in body worn surveillance for law enforcement and investigations. 


Professional Handheld 1080P P2P Wi-Fi DVR

Item# PV-500NEO-PRO

Professional Handheld 1080P P2P Wi-Fi DVR allows you to review on the go. It's never been easier review with this compact high-res peer-to-peer wireless LCD touch screen DVR.