Cameras & DVR's

At the heart of any security addition or surveillance operation is a camera, DVR or combination of both for recording suspicious activity. From hidden cameras to solar powered security cameras, our collection of cameras and DVRs can be counted on for personal or law enforcement use.

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SG Outdoor Power Strip


Designed to elude outsiders, the Outdoor Power Strip, is equipped with our wi-fi for live viewing your camera systems. It allows you to monitor the exterior of a residence from anywhere on your smart devices using our free App. Simply connect to a Wi-Fi network and instantly view the live video. You're one click away from comfort!


SG Xtreme Life Teddy Bear

Item# SGTB

Playfully undetectable, the SleuthGear Xtreme Life Teddy Bear Camera comes with features that allows the user to monitor the safety of their child or home from miles away. Connect to any wi-fi and view live activity from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. The options are limitless and the relief is priceless!


SG Bluetooth Speaker


A Bluetooth speaker can an be placed anywhere, and who would know this Bluetooth speaker is really a hidden camera? The speaker works and you can catch that thief! SleuthGear is an easy choice for a covert security camera system. Add a Door Bell camera or any of our other security cameras for a complete DIY security system.


SG Xtreme Life Night Vision Cable Box


Our trusty Wifi cable box plus Night Vision. This design item is for indoor use only. The hidden camera looks like any ordinary cable box. Disguise this item in an industrial space, great for a utility, server, storage or janitorial room. Keep an eye on your supplies. It will give you around the clock surveillance even in the poorly lit spaces with the IR technology.


Xtreme Life Kit With Bottom View Smoke Detector

Item# SG1000BV

When you need a camera and a hidden camera this kit is for you. Included in this kit is a favorite with all our customer the Smoke detector hidden camera (bottom view) it is discreet and can be added anywhere. Then we add our reliable indoor/outdoor solar powered Overt battery security camera to make a complete easy to install battery operated Home Security System. All include Motion activated, Night Vision, Battery powered.


SG Xtreme Life Kit With Smoke Detector

Item# SG1000SV

Kits give you more for the money, sometimes you need a hidden camera and an regular security camera, this kit has both it incudes the popular Smoke detector side view hidden camera and our newest solar battery power security camera. Versatile and discreet. Easy to install View life video from anywhere from the easy to use APP. Night vision, Battery powered. What more can you ask for!