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From voice recorders to audio counter measure kits, our audio security device collection delivers the most reliable protection from bugs and makes it easy to capture audible evidence discreetly.

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Rabbler Noise Generator

Item# NG3000

Protect from eavesdropping using the NG3000. The Rabbler creates an additional barrier of noise interference making it possible to mask your conversation when confidentiality is necessary.


Druid Noise Generator

Item# NG5000

Conceptually unique, the Druid succeeds where complicated eavesdrop countering devices fail. The NG5000 eliminates the expensive bug sweeping services; it eliminates complicated installation of sound masking systems, and provides the sanctity needed for your most confidential boardroom conversations.

KJB Security

Transducer for White Noise Generator

Item# TD2300

The TD2300 vibroacoustic transducer is part of a complete counter surveillance protection system. It inducts noise into walls, floors, ceilings, windows and other surfaces of the building,preventing leakage of sound signals. To provide a sufficient level of protection the system consists of a number of transducers installed on different structures in the room and is connected to the DNG-2300 generator.

KJB Security

Omnidirectional Speaker for White Noise Generator

Item# SP2300

White noise generators are widely used for protecting premises against acoustic leakage eavesdropping. The SP2300 omnidirectional speaker is an important component for such system. While the transducers inject the generated noise into the surfaces and structures stopping distributing of sound through them, the role of the speaker is to fill voids, cavities and ventilation shafts with the audio interference to prevent leakage of sound through the air.


iProtect 3 Channel White Noise Generator Kit 4

Item# DNG2300-4

The DNG2300-4  white noise generator is great for small areas to help to keep conversations and information private. Have confidential meetings and speak freely in your office, conference room, labs or any private space.

It is well-known that sound permeates through walls, doors, water, windows and other constructions as well as through voids, cavities and ventilation shafts. These outlets makes it possible
to intercept conversations conducted within a room or any  premises with the help of highly sensitive contact microphones (electronic stethoscopes), window laser systems or conventional microphones without entering the room ( target area). All kits are made to order.


iProtect 3 Channel White Noise Generator Kit 8

Item# DNG2300-8

For larger rooms get the DNG2300- 8 a white noise generator kit that helps to keep conversations and information private. Have confidential meetings and speak freely in your office, conference room or any private space.

Wall contact microphones can pick up vibrations from the plumbing,structures, walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings and more. The listening device may be in an adjacent room, or even several floors or rooms away attached to a wall, pipe or other fixture. Cavitiess uch as air ducts, ventilation shafts or other voids can be used for  intercepting sound from an adjacent premises with a help of conventional microphones. The DNG2300-8 Creates powerful protection against the leakage of all types of vibro-acoustics by injecting non-filterable noise into surrounding structures and cavities.