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From voice recorders to audio counter measure kits, our audio security device collection delivers the most reliable protection from bugs and makes it easy to capture audible evidence discreetly.

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KJB Security

Tabletop Room Anti-Recorder

Item# NG3700
This table-top, medium to large room anti-recorder creates 360º of ultrasonic intereference. It's unstoppable against hidden video, surveillance cameras, pen recorders, and cell phones. With a rechargeable battery and simple on/off power switch your business meetings and negotiations can be kept private in a snap.
KJB Security

Small Room Anti-Recorder

Item# NG3600
Block mobile phones from recording as well as voice and video surveillance. The table-top sized anti-recorder creates an ultrasonic 360º field of interference to keep phone conversations, video meetings and in person meetings private. Ultrasonic intereference distorts voice and video transmissions so that they cannot be restored after the fact.

Power Bank Style Anti-Recorder

Item# NG3500
This silent ineterference noise jammer is disguised as a working power bank for mobile devices. It can stop recording of hidden and non-hidden cameras as well as listening devices and phones.

8GB Wristwatch PCM Voice Recorder

Item# D1309
This waterproof voice recorder is designed to look like an average smart watch. With Voice Operated Recording and Voice Level selection plus selectable recording quality sensitivity it can record up to 33 hours depending on recording mode chosen.

iProtect 3 Channel White noise Generator 12

Item# DNG KIT1


It is well-known that sound permeates through walls, doors, water, windows and other constructions as well as through voids, cavities and ventilation shafts. These outlets makes it possible
to intercept conversations conducted within a room or any  premises with the help of highly sensitive contact microphones (electronic stethoscopes), window laser systems or conventional microphones without entering the room ( target area). For bigger areas get the DNG KIT1 a white noise generator kit that helps to keep conversations and information private. Have confidential meetings and speak freely in your office, conference room or any private space. This kits comes with the iProtect DNG 2300 3 channel  digital white noise generator, 12  transducer, and two speakers all in a aluminum case for easy transport. 

USB Style Voice Recorder

Item# D1420

This product has been Discontinued.