Voice Recorders

Collecting evidence doesn't always happen with a camera. Voice recorders allow the user to record conversations undetected as well as record meetings with the click of a pen recorder button. Hidden voice recorders can be placed in a space to activate automatically when  the subject begins speaking.

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KJB Security

Digital Voice Recorder & Power Bank

Item# D1445

This dual action mini power bank will charge your mobile devices and record all your important meetings. There is no other power bank that is also a voice recorder! Choose between voice activated or continuous recording modes and enjoy having one less thing to pack for business meetings or lectures.

KJB Security

USB Stick Voice Recorder

Item# D1440

Using the built in Voice Operated System (VOS) the USB Stick Voice Recorder will only record when activated by sound - extending the 18 hours of recording time to days, or even weeks, depending on the amount of voice activity. The 8GB internal memory will hold 288 hours of High Quality (HQ) audio or 144 hours of Extra High Quality (XHQ) recordings. The USB Stick Voice Recorder is perfect for recording lectures or keeping notes or a to-do list!

KJB Security

Direct Connect Telephone Record Device

Item# TRX-20

This telephone recording interface makes any analog recorder into a telephone recording device. Adapts to single line or multi-line analog telephones. Compatible with all modular type telephones.