Designed in Nashville, Tennessee, SleuthGear hidden cameras are the products you can trust to protect your small business assets and home. KJB Security Products has over 20 years of experience in making and designing spy cams. We have become the name you can trust for quality wholesale spy equipment and hidden cameras (also commonly known as nanny cameras) which are often used for covert surveillance.

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Zone Shield 4K Night Vision Clock Radio DVR

Item# SC80004K

Concealed inside this working clock radio is a 4K camera with night vision capability. The hidden IR emitters can illuminate action up to 20 feet away. Place the clock radio in your office or bedroom at home, and no one will be the wiser.


Zone Shield 4K Night Vision Smoke Detector DVR Side View

Item# SC97104K

4K Built into this NON-FUNCTIONAL smoke detector is a DVR and high definition night vision camera that can capture action up to 20 feet away. With multiple recording modes and invisible IRs, this camera is for long term survallince using AC power some installation required.


Zone Shield 4K Night Vision Smoke Detector DVR Bottom View

Item# SC97094K

Inside this NON-FUNCTIONING smoke detector is a hidden night vision 4K camera and DVR, making this a higher resolution recording device. With invisible IR and multiple recording modes, this popular hidden camera uses AC power for long term surveillance needs.


Xtreme Life 4K Night Vision Cable Box

Item# SC70114K

We took our trusty cable box to the next level by adding Night Vision. This new redesign item is for indoor use only. The hidden camera looks like any ordinary cable box. Disguise this item in an industrial space, great for a utility, server, storage or janitorial room. Keep an eye on your supplies. It will give you around the clock surveillance even in the most poorly lit spaces with the IR technology. Record up to 4K resolution, battery powered with standby recording for up to 90 days.


Zone Shield 4K Bluetooth Speaker DVR

Item# SC95254K

Designed for any interior room, this Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera features 4K video resolution with built in DVR recording system. A hidden color camera records to a memory card. Put the covert speaker camera system anywhere you want to record surveillance video. The functional bluetooth speaker is powered by an AC cable making powering the camera a non-issue, just plug it in and begin recording. 120V 60Hz Only | Colors may vary.


Zone Shield 4K Blu-Ray Player DVR

Item# SC94104K

Covertly designed, fully functional, this Blu-Ray Player's camera comes in 4K for higher resolution results. Simply place anywhere in your home unnoticed, and with it's easy user functions and multiple modes, you can record anything going on in your home like a pro.120V 60Hz Only