Audio Security

From voice recorders to audio counter measure kits, our audio security device collection delivers the most reliable protection from bugs and makes it easy to capture audible evidence discreetly.

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Mini Voice Recorder

Item# D1308

Now with 8GB of memory for a lower price! This handheld Mini Voice Recorder combines power and size in the most beneficial way. Intuitive operation and a slim design mean this digital voice recorder is the best choice when Recording evidence, phone calls or in person conversations.

KJB Security

Mini Voice Amplifier

Item# SE3000

Slim and light, this Mini Voice Amplifier is a reliable aid to amplify sound. Easily portable just slip it in a pocket or purse. Useful to help hear a conversation, lecture, TV or the church sermon.


Acoustic Noise Generator

Item# ANG2200

Designed to create a perimeter of protection around any building for the purpose of defending against common eavesdropping threats, the ANG2200 is a sophisticated counter surveillance system that has been proven by experienced professionals to successfully protect the privacy of any conversation. (The purchase of TRN's and OMS is required for optimal use)


ANG2200 Transducer

Item# TRN2000

Used specifically with the ANG2200, the TRN is a transducer designed to inject white noise into walls, ceilings, windows, plumbing, and air ducts masking the listening and recording capabilities of eavesdropping equipment. (optional window mounts are available)


Transducers per Noise Generator

  • 4 @ full level (parallel)
  • 12 @ 1/2 level (six groups of two)
  • 18 @ 1/3 level (six groups of three)

Omnidirectional Speaker (for ANG2200)

Item# OMS

Used specifically with the ANG2200, the OMS is an omnidirectional speaker that projects white noise into area such as drop ceilings, crawl spaces, and air ducts masking the listening and recording capabilities of eavesdropping equipment.

White Noise Generator

Item# J1000

Protection from eavesdropping meets the blended performance of this handheld, battery operate White Noise Generator. The J1000 creates an additional barrier of noise interference, reaching out farther than other models, making it possible to mask your conversation when confidentiality is necessary.