Xtreme Life Extra Battery - A1025

Our Power bank is a compact, lightweight multi-functional power system. When you need more power or power on the go, use the Power bank to charge your portable electronics. Or, add it on as an accessory to your Xtreme Life Hidden Camera System for an extr

Power on the go

Nine types of Adaptors

5Volts portable power bank

  • Li-ion Battery
  • 4200mAh
  • Input 5V 1A
  • Output 5V 1A, Charging time 4-5 hours
  • Cycle Life >500 times
Download Manual

Dimensions: 0” L x 0” W x 0” H
Download Specification Sheet

    Included with this item

  • Power bank
  • USB-DC 3.5 Switch cable
  • Apple(no Iphone 5 adaptor)
  • Mini USB
  • Micro USB
  • Nokia;;PSP
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sony Ericsson