Unmanned Spectrum Analyzer - SMART-D

Smart-D is an unmanned remote accessible real time spectrum analyzer that detects eavesdropping and bugging devices up to 6GHZ.

Let one remote Smart D spectrum analyzer monitor your workplace – conference rooms, corporate server room, warehouses and remote locations – and get around-the-clock protection against spying, bugging and suspicious surveillance.  Place a Smart-D in the location to be secured. Set up the Management Software on your secure server and watch for all alerts from one central control station.  When an eavesdropping attempt is made, Smart D alerts the system by analyzing the signal through the Terminal Management Software. The Management Server alerts the administrator to the location and type of suspicious signal. The administrator can than alert the security team to a potential threat and deploy a physical search of that location which allows the user to find and remove the bug or eavesdropping device.

The Unmanned feature is unique to the Smart-D. Other spectrum analyzers require and operator to go in and physically sweep rooms for unwanted devices.

No more need to hire or employ an expert sweep team.  The Smart-D works by always scanning the location 24/7 and knowing what is a friendly frequency and when it is a potential threat.

The 24/7 monitoring will help to ensure that expected privacy is maintained.


  • Each remote terminal covers an area of 500 feet
  • Detects digital signals like Ultra Wide Band and Bluetooth
  • Scans a frequency range of 25kHz to 6GHz within one second
  • Simultaneously monitors multiple locations from one Control Center (additional remote terminals avaliable) 
  • Keeps record of all detected alerts
  • Can be hidden behind wooden cabinets
  • 24/7 Unmanned monitoring
  • Audio/ Video Demodulation
  • Statistics and Reports

Perfect for:

• National security teams

• Ministry buildings, embassies and state department offices

• Executive offices and C-Suite

• Executive assistant offices

• Research and development teams

Monitor multiple rooms and locations simultaneously from ONE CENTRAL CONTROL CENTER.  Smart-D is the only spectrum analyzer software that checks each suspicious signal. It can quickly be deployed to protect any office or government agency.


Note: The Smart-D does require training

  • Frequency range: 25kHz~6GHz
  • Sensitivity -100dBm~-10dBm
  • Audio Demodulation Wideband FM/Narrowband FM/AM
  • Vdieo Demodulation NTSC/PAL/SECAM
  • LED Panel
  • Serial Communication Port RJ11
  • Network Connection (NIC) 1 Port 100Mbps
  • Power Consumption 12V, 5A/6-W
  • AC-DC adapter 100-220

Dimensions: 8.563” L x 9.063” W x 2.5” H
Weight: 6lb 13oz
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    Included with this item

  • Smart-D Unmanned Spectrum Analyzer
  • Software