Smart Phone DVR with Button Camera - PDV-900BU

Use a regular, functioning smart phone to secretly record video. This refurbished Android phone (included) comes installed with a proprietary app that can record under any condition such as screen lock on, dialing, or running another app. Use the secret recording software to record video with the phone's camera or with the included hidden button camera. Perfect for investigators and detectives that don't have space to use a hidden DVR and camera combo.

Battery PoweredKJB ExclusiveHD

The Smart Phone DVR with Button Camera is a fully functionial mobile phone but with a hidden recording feature. Use this for undercover operation and the target will never know they are being recorded. 

  1. Quickly Start or stop recording using volume keys
  2. Auto Mode
  3. Manual Mode
  4. Record quickly by using a remote control head set (not included)
  5. Do anything with the phone while also recording video
  6. Play back files
  7. Time and Date stamp 
  8. Fully funcitonal Android REFURBISHED phone works on wifi out of the box (end user must purchase SIM card)
  9. 1080p/30fps resolution 
  10. Save recorded video to the files on the smart phone. Browse clips just as you would on any Android device.
  11. Special exclusive app can record under any condition: lock-on, dialing or under running other app

  • Resolution: 1080P/720P/640P/320P
  • Video file: MP4
  • Photo file: JPEG
  • Frame Speed: 30
  • CMOS:1/4
  • FOV: 60
  • Camera size: .6"x .6"X.7":: Focus 3.6mm
  • Cable Length 3' 3.7"
  • CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS: Resolution: 2.0MP 1080P
  • In app settings: Auto Run, Auto login, Location, Cell location, Auto Record, Loop recording, Pre record, Post record, Continuous Phone, Mute
  • Storage Built-in Memory/External Storage
  • Video Setting in app Menu Extended, Pre Record, Video Length, Continuous
  • Time and Date Stamp from phone time and date
  • Audio source in app options, USB or Phone
  • FPS 5/10/15/20/25/30
  • Built-in Mic
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Dimensions: 0” L x 0” W x 0” H
Weight: 0
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    Included with this item

  • 1- Android Phone
  • 1-USB Button Camera
  • Spare Buttons
  • USB Charging Cable and Wall Plug
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case