ORION Tool Kit - OTK-4000

The ORION Inspection tool kit contains selected tools for verifying the existence of threatening electronic surveillance devices. This tool kit is sold with the ORION Non-linear Junction Evaluator and provides tools that are uniquely suited for use with a

    Included with this item

  • Hammer to evaluate the stability of a junction under the physical vibration.
  • Combination Stud Finder and metal detector for non-destructive evaluation.
  • Fluke Multi-meter for testing miscellaneous cables and electronic devices.
  • Wiretracing system to trace miscellaneous cables.
  • Borescope with built-in light and right-angle viewing for inspection inside walls, furniture, etc....
  • Ultra-Violet Light and Marking Pen
  • Multi-purpose geared screwdriver. Provides screwdriver function as well as small drill for use with Borescope.
  • Miscellaneouse Tools: Pliers, wire cutters, leatherman ( multi-purpose tool ), Inspection mirrors, measuring tape, flashlight, drill bits for walls.
  • Note:Some tool models may change due to availability.