6 Hour Telephone Recorder - TR-600

Taping telephone conversations does not have to be a complicated process. This classic telephone recorder offers extended recording time on traditional cassettes, push-button voice activated recording, and live playback using the built in speaker, what could be more simple.

• Easy plug and play set-up

• 6 hours of record time

• Voice Activated

  • Voice activated recording
  • Sensitive line mode
  • Auto level control
  • Normal cassette player
  • Monitor
  • Built in ear jack
  • 6V DC power
  • Tape speeds of 4.8cm/second and 1.7cm/second
  • Speed control for extending tape recording time from 60 to 120 minutes
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Dimensions: 8” L x 5.5” W x 2” H
Weight: 1lb 2oz
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    Included with this item

  • AC adapter
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Phone cord
  • Cassette tape