1080P HD Button Camera Set - C1023

The perfect Mate for any of our DVR's. This little button camera comes with a big image in 1080P making our LawMate DVR's full HD.

A True HD button camera, Pair them with our HD DVR's

  • 2MP digital CMOS camera for crisp video
  • Camera FOV 78
  • 1080P digital video recording and snapshots
  • Miniature covert button camera
  • WDR picture and video
  • External mic
  • USB connection
  • LawMate part number CMD-BU20U

Use with our DVR506 and DVR1100 for the perfect body worn camera and recorder set.



LawMate Trusted for over 15years by Law Enforcment, backed by KJB service.


    Included with this item

  • 110 cm camera cable
  • 30 cm camera cable
  • button set