We bring covert security to inventory loss prevention reducing inventory shrinkage through employee or customer theft

What is Inventory Shrinkage?

Business inventory shrinkage and asset/inventory loss is growing and one of the primary drivers of profit loss in small and mid-size business. Most is caused by deliberate human action either by shoplifters or most-troubling, internally by employees. According to the National Retail Federation, retailers lost approximately $44 billion from theft in 2015. Of that amount, more than 34 percent was stolen by employees! The majority of thieves have one thing in common, they will steal only if they have the opportunity.

The good news? There are easy and affordable solutions to reduce theft! We’ve picked a few of our favorite security products that can be used to support your businesses loss prevention program, preventing inventory shrinkage and increasing your bottom line!

Loss Prevention Security Devices

iTrail GPS Tracking

iTrail Snap loss prevention productCovertly track any object or asset that has value to your business. Also ITrail will track employees that need to be monitored. Instantly track it using our iTrail tracking software. Quickly and easily identify the precise location of every fixed or movable asset in your business with reliable round-the-clock asset tracking and communications.iTrail Snap & Solo loss prevention products

iTrail Snap plugs into any OBD port.

iTrail Convoy adds accountability to fleet while iTrail Solo tracks your assets around the neighborhood, around the world. Track everything easily with iTrail app.

Hidden WIFI Security

Our covert surveillance systems are convenient moveable and portable! These are great short term tracking solutions to use in conjunction with our other hidden cameras and surveillance systems. This solution is great for computer rooms, parts places and inventory storage areas just to name a few! Connect multiple cameras and view live streaming video from all devices on your tablet, smartphone or PC.

SGHome Clock Radio streams video to any smart phone
SG Home Clock Radio is a working clock radio, plug in, walk away, and never worry about battery life. See streaming video on your smart phone. Connect easily to an existing wifi surveillance system.
Smoke Detector fights against retail shrinkage
Mount the SG Home Smoke Detector above a cash register or POS. This wi-fi smoke detector camera can be battery operated or plugged in. Connect easily to an existing wifi surveillance system.
iPhone 6 mobile loss prevention device
This hand held hidden camera from LawMate fits an iPhone 6 but has hidden DVR inside. It features wi-fi that can be controlled from another smart phone.

Hidden Cameras

Monitor employee behavior in break rooms, POS areas, loading docks, and other surveillance blind spots with our customizable, covert cameras! Our cameras are hidden in common workplace fixtures such as clocks, signs, plants and more.

The oscillating fan helps prevent inventory shrinkage when placed in overt situations
The Oscillating Fan motion allows a broader field of view. DVR records to SD card allowing more covert surveillance because the fan does not have to be removed to review captured footage, the user can easily remove the SD card.
Desktop loss prevention tool, the hidden camera weather clock
Small, hidden, covert. The Weather Clock Camera from LawMate, top rated law enforcement brand. Capture video on SD card.

Detection Devices

Corporate espionage and sophisticated theft strategies are a very real and growing threat to business today thanks to new technology. We can help you determine if your business is being watched or monitored by potential thieves on the inside. We have a few handy and simple to implement detection options that feature multiple detection of cameras, frequencies, and GPS devices. It is quick and easily to.

Personal loss prevention device, DD1200, to find hidden cameras
The DD1200 Camera Finder is a handheld detection device designed for spotting hidden cameras.
Wi-Fi hidden camera detector, DD12031
The Hand Held RF Signal Detector finds hidden cameras sending a wifi signal.