About KJB Security

Our Story

In 2017 KJB Security Products will celebrate 25 years as the leading wholesale distributor of spy and surveillance equipment. Since our beginnings in 1992 the core values of our business have been innovation, honesty and customer relationships.  As creators of the SleuthGear line of hidden cameras, and the iTrail line of Live GPS trackers, KJB has developed a loyal following in the DIY community and  those seeking professional surveillance systems. In 2015, KJB signed an exclusive rights agreement to be the North American distributor of LawMate law enforcement tools and investigative products, expanding our product mix to offer our customers a full spectrum of surveillance and security products.


Our People

We have team members who have been with us for decades as well as those who have recently joined the company. Our employees come to work everyday as a family, literally and figuratively, to provide our customers with quality and satisfaction.

Jill Johnston, Chief Executive Officer: When not dreaming up the latest and greatest in covert surveillance Jill enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She has been leading KJB Security Products since she acquired it with her family in 2002. Joining Jill at KJB is her husband Neil, Executive Vice President and her brother Dale, Chief Financial Officer. As the company CEO Jill specializes in strategic planning, product development and customer acquisition. A California native, Jill has called Nashville TN home since 1994.


Dale Reifschneider, Chief Financial Officer: Dale likes RV traveling, cooking and reading.  He grew up in southern California but has been living in Nashville for over 22 years. Dale keeps track of KJB's number crunching.


Neil Johnston, Executive Vice President: Neil Loves everything with two wheels!  He was born in England and recently became an American citizen. Neil has more than 25 years of IT experience and keeps the behind the scenes technical side of KJB humming. 


Chad Kozlowski, Executive Sales Director: Chad has been with KJB for over 7 years and is now proud to be the Executive Sales director. When he's not spreading the word about KJB Security's quality and service to the far corners of the world, Chad can be found enjoying the outdoors or cheering on the UT Vols and Tennessee Titans.

Our Products

We pride ourselves in providing local US jobs from design to final assembly at our Nashville, TN campus. The SleuthGear family of products include Zone Shield, Xtreme Life and iTrail. Our Zone Shield brand features AC powered DVR hidden cameras and Wi-Fi enabled hidden cameras. Xtreme Life is a battery operated series of DVR and Wi-Fi enabled hidden cameras that are motion activated to save battery life. iTrail GPS trackers feature long battery life and are backed by KJB’s superior customer service. LawMate products are a separate line of value priced covert cameras distributed by KJB Security Products.


Our Promise

KJB has established its reputation as the premier supplier in the surveillance market though same day service, product quality and security market knowledge. Our products are distributed to retailers and government agencies through our hand-picked KJB family of dealers. We now boast a distribution network of more than 800 partners spanning five continents.


We look forward to hearing from you:

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