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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

4 Ways Cloud Storage Aids Law Enforcement

4 Ways Cloud Recording Aids Law Enforcement

Law enforcement personnel have enjoyed the use of digital recording equipment since the birth of the digital age. Despite recent calls for recordings to go both ways (Yes, you can record the police) officials have been enjoying the benefits of recording everything from secret confessions to entire interrogations

With the numerous uses of audio and video recording also come numerous flaws. With the ever-changing nature of technology, it can be hard to keep up. So here are 4 ways switching to cloud recording can help aid law enforcement.

1. Cloud Recording Is Versatile

The change from analog to digital in the public and private security sectors was a trend that began in the early 2000’s and still continues today. Like most major changes in any industry, the switch from analog to digital was tough and only through the informative use of its benefits did it truly become a successful movement. 

But many of you police officials will say is “Why do I need cloud storage when what I have right now works just fine?” What many public safety personnel have are SD cards and portable hard drives. These hardware accessories offer the benefit of portable memory storage for your evidence recording in an easy-to-use package. What you don’t have is a versatile online tool that can remove the need for porting around flimsy hardware

With cloud storage set up, you can beam your files directly from your recording equipment to an online server where the files can be securely stored and viewed remotely. This means you can be on a stakeout or interrogating a suspect while your S.O. sits in their office and watches live. So when you find the one piece of evidence that breaks the case they’ve already got the information on hand and can deliver justice where it’s needed. 

2. Online Storage is Cost-Effective

Purchasing additional portable hard drives and SD cards can be costly over time. Luckily cloud storage doesn’t require additional hardware to be purchased whenever space becomes low. Just by switching from hardware to cloud storage you’re already saving money. Prices for buying cloud storage vary based not only on the company you purchase it from, but also with the size of the data storage you need.  When you take into consideration all the hardware maintenance and repair you don’t have to deal with anymore, you’ll find your budget heading in the right direction.

3. Backups Have Backups

Ever lost an SD card or filed a hard drive with critical information in the wrong location? A major benefit of using cloud storage is the ability to copy and backup data. This means that if the file becomes corrupt, lost, or deleted, you can easily restore the file using the backup. No more having to hire repair technicians to fix corrupted files or broken discs, just a simple process and your files are good as new. 

With the option to upgrade your storage space always available, you will never have to worry about running out of space. This will help limit the need for redundant backups and keep both your cost and time expenditures on repairs low.

4. Peace of Mind

With the threat of hacker groups and cyber security becoming a prominent focus in the modern age, police departments from the local level on up are worried about keeping their data secure. Hosting valuable evidence on internal hardware can carry the risk of hacking and interception without proper security measures. Those measures also have to constantly be updated and modified to meet new viruses and security breaches. 

One of the most prominent advantages of having cloud storage is the peace of mind it brings. With a team of professional internet security agents keeping your data secure around the clock, you won’t have to worry about handling the digital security yourself

In the digital age, it’s getting harder and harder to keep your investigative work mobile, efficient, safe, and secure. With the introduction of cloud storage on the scene it’s becoming easier and easier to capitalize on these benefits and make the transition to digital cloud storage. 

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