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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

5 Reasons to Choose Cloud Storage for your Hidden Cameras

5 Reasons to Choose Cloud Storage for your Hidden Cameras

KJB Security will soon be one of the first hidden camera manufacturers in the world to provide Cloud storage for video recording (CVR). We are thrilled to be pioneers of this new frontier! As a company we have proven our commitment over the years to providing the highest quality and most advanced hidden camera technology and innovation. 

Here’s why you’ll want to sign up for this new Cloud storage solution for your Hidden Camera system as soon as it becomes available! 

1. Cloud storage gives you easy access to your footage from anywhere in the world at any time.

Need to share covert video files quickly with your investigation team? Now you can have access to your footage from anywhere at any time and share it with anyone thanks to cloud storage. All you need is Wi-Fi to quickly and easily access your important security footage. And better yet… you can access live video footage from your phone or tablet with just a few taps. 

2. Cloud storage protects your hidden camera footage from damage, loss, corruption.

There are many good reasons why SD card storage is a convenient storage solution. You can quickly and easily transport and share them. The downside to these convenient little files is that it’s a physical item. If anyone finds or takes it, your camera and the evidence is now gone. Not to mention, the physical property can be accidentally or intentionally destroyed or badly damaged often during transport or within the camera system. Cloud storage eliminates this risk by sending your footage directly to a safe and secure storage facility somewhere in the US.    

3. Cloud storage makes hidden camera footage more secure.

Open up your browser to the latest news headline and chances are you’ll see the word hacker. Computer hackers are just waiting to terrorize your home computer or business IT system. Hackers have cost businesses billions in revenue year after year. According to this CNBC article 14 million US businesses are at risk of a hacker threat. Cloud storage provides a layer of protection and security for your highly valuable personal, business or investigative convert video files. Plus, our account based app creates a double layer of security. No one can see your recording without your password.

4. Cloud storage gives you more space for your security footage.

Hidden camera video footage can take up quite a bit of storage space. The hidden cameras send footage to the cloud every time motion is detected. Often corporate, private or police investigations can take months or years to complete. With cloud recording, you will be able to store more recordings than ever before. We will have a few storage options available to fit every budget. You choose the amount of data stored in the cloud when you choose your subscription plan. 

5. KJB Security gives you 30 days of free storage.

That’s right. We’re giving you a chance to date your cloud storage before you put a ring on it… so to speak. We will still have the card storage option available for those who don’t feel like Cloud storage is the right solution (even after reading all the information above). But for those who are ready to go for it, we’re giving you 30 days of free storage! 

Hopefully, after reading about the benefits of cloud recording, you’re now ready to sign up. Be the first to switch to the cloud for SG Home CVR Wi-Fi Hidden Cameras. With new technology comes new forms, with the new SG Home CVR line we have a bunch of new hidden cameras that will blend seamlessly into your environment. We promise… you will be the first to know it has arrived!

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