Monday, August 02, 2021

Integrating Hidden and Non-Hidden Cameras Into a Home Security System

These days a quick scroll through the Nextdoor app will reveal dozens of doorbell camera videos of suspicious characters around the neighborhood. We have all been conditioned to be on camera the minute we step on someone's porch. But what about when we cross the threshold? In this article we'll look at three ways your security system can expand beyond the doorbell cam.

Keep an eye on the kitchen: From dropping off backpacks to unpaid bills, the kitchen is often the heart of activity in your home. And these days as we return to work while kids and spouses stay at home keeping an eye on that activity becomes a must-do. Fortunately a hidden camera built into the kitchen wall clock is a simple enough why to do that. It feel like a spy camera but in reality it's just putting a tool of surveillance into a household object that won't make your kitchen look like it's bristling with cameras. One unobtrusive hidden camera taking some hidden video of your kitchen, den or family room is all you need to make certain all your kids are doing after school is sneaking an extra popsicle and the only thing your spouse is cheating on is their diet. 

Don't forget about the backyard: While a doorbell camera will catch a porch pirate and a hidden indoor camera will reveal someone raiding the cookie jar don't forget about one large – and often overlooked – section of your property: the backyard. Back entrances, back allies and back yards are where burglars often check for loose fencing to scale or where a partner's fling will park their car. If you suspect nefarious activity in the backyard you'll want to install a weather resistant surveillance camera to collect hidden video evidence. 

The space in between home and the outside world: Another overlooked spot for spying on suspected cheating or addiction is the garage or driveway. What if your partner has been popping pills just before coming in the door and you're desperate for evidence to either set your mind at ease or take to a lawyer? This is where a spy camera like a floodlight video camera can come in handy. A good spy camera will feature motion detection as well as night vision. A really good spy camera will be solar powered ensuring you never lose video at a crucial moment.

Keep all the threads of evidence together: While all the hidden cameras and surveillance cameras mentioned above will create an umbrella of security around your home don't forget to build a system that can be checked on one app instead of half a dizen different apps and sites. Monitoring all your cameras from a single app is true security integration and means that you can double check stored clips quickly, and without raising the suspicion of the monitored family member. We created our SleuthGear line of wi-fi hidden cameras to all be monitored from the Ubox app. Check and rewatch clips, even store clips in the cloud. However, regardless of the system you choose, keep these tips in mind when planning a whole-home surveillance system. 

Monday, July 26, 2021

These Three Scenarios Call for a Long Term GPS Tracking Solution:

You know you need a long term GPS tracking solution when. . .

When you're shipping an important asset like a car or yacht across the country. Want to make sure the movers you contracted with are taking your precious cargo to the right place? Then pop a long-life battery tracker on your asset just before they pull off your property with it. When using a long-life GPS tracker like iTrail Endurance, it's easy to watch your yacht sail across the states from the iTrail app.

Use GPS iTrail Endurance for over the road shipping of cars, boats and assets

When you're suspicious your teen or spouse might be lying about their whereabouts but you need time to build your evidence. If you need weeks and months to establish a pattern then a long-life battery powered tracker is the easiest solution. Once the GPS tracker is attached to the vehicle you won't have to return to charge it days later. In standby mode the tracker can run for almost year. With normal driving patterns, a GPS tracker like iTrail Endurance can run for several weeks to several months.

When you need to monitor employees in company vehicles. No matter what terrain your employees are driving over, the magnets attaching GPS tracker iTrail Endurance to your company car are next to impossible to dislodge. With 80 pounds of magnetic force your long-life battery GPS tracker will stay attached through rain, snow, sleet and dark of night. With geo-fencing and driving alerts you can monitor all your company vehicles' whereabouts from one app. If an employee is on an extended project away from corporate offices the long battery life of iTrail Endurance will keep pinging the iTrail app with no need to remove and recharge the tracker.

Regardless of the GPS tracker you choose keep in mind that when shopping for a long-life GPS solution experience in the GPS market matters. While a $9.99 tracker might seem like a easy quick fix, you could end up paying much more than that in headache and lost time when the tracker stops working and subject is 3 states away. Itrail has been a leader in GPS tracking for nearly two decades. All iTrail trackers can be monitored through the easy to use iTrail app and Endurance trackers come with 6 month and 12 month pre-paid tracking plans. 

GPS Endurance trackers stay on vehicles with magnet power

Friday, June 25, 2021

Our Mission Aligns with the National Technical Investigators Association

KJB Security is the oldest US based manufacturer and distributor of surveillance, hidden video and counter measure security products in the United States. We sell direct to government buyers and since 2002 have been dedicated to developing high quality and reliable surveillance technology for law enforcement and government agencies around the world, as well as consumer products. Our products focused on government agencies include anti-spy surveillance and bug detectors, audio enabled hidden cameras, and long life battery GPS trackers.

Our expansion into counter surveillance and spy detection has led to our long relationship with the Delta-X collection of spectrum analyzers. Unlike many sophisticated sweep devices, the Delta-X does not need hours of training to get operational. These spectrum analyzers feature two antennas that cooperate to enable detection of all kinds of spy equipment such as wiretapping, cameras, audio-video recorders and even GPS locators. The antennas can be placed up to 49 feet from each other creating a search area between them. The closer Delta X system gets to the signal, the clearer the indicators are. We are pleased to debut the new Delta X-S at NATIA 2021. This streamlined version of the Delta-X analyzer is more portable and economical while still performing high level detection.

For any law enforcement conducting an asset tracking operation our new GPS tracker, iTrail Endurance, features the longest life battery on the market. With almost a year of standby battery life, the Endurance can be attached and then tracked with confidence, weeks to months later. With almost two weeks of continuous tracking battery life, law enforcement can follow a subject from coast to coast. 

In addition to the product mentioned above KJB Security distributes long-time law enforcement favorites like LawMate and iProtect Counter Surveillance. Our relationship with LawMate goes back to our founding and we are pleased to be the only authorized North American distributor of their products. Government agencies enjoy special pricing and product add-ons. 

We are also the only North American dealer of iProtect counter surveillance and bug detection. These handheld products are the must haves for TSCM professionals. We even bundle them in kits so that agents don't need to decide which devices to invest in.

Our KJB Security sales force understands the unique position government agencies are in – committed to serving the public while sometimes putting in thankless hours. We understand that not every tactic needs to be scrutinized by the public, but that often, when an operation is successful, it's due to a focus on accuracy and reliability at every level. We are committed to being part of that focus for law enforcement and governments across the country and the world. 

Monday, June 07, 2021

KJB Security Introduces New Wi-Fi Security and Hidden Cameras

The market of home security cameras and personal and small business security cameras is crowded for sure. When flipping through social media or Google in search of possible cameras, it doesn't take long for names like Ring and Arlo to pop up. While KJB has been in the security camera and hidden camera space for almost 20 years, we wanted to develop a wi-fi security camera to rival the likes of Ring, Arlo, and SimpliSafe - one that was less expensive but reliable and one that allowed all cameras to work on the same app. 

Our new SleuthGear Indoor/Outdoor cameras are all that and more. The first three cameras in this collection feature night vision, two way talk, and motion detection. The stand alone Indoor/Outdoor Battery Camera charges from an included solar panel and can run for months on a single charge. It can even charge in indirect sunlight, inside, near a window.

The Doorbell Camera attaches quickly, charges via USB, and can last for 3 months on a single charge. With two way talk, you can speak to anyone in front of the camera. 

The Floodlight Camera has a built-in solar panel that keeps the battery continuously charged. Motion detection starts the camera in one second, immediately capturing activity nearby. 

Each camera can be monitored through the same app, with video recorded on the cloud or to an accessible memory card.

KJB Security plans to expand the line by adding the wi-fi board, the 'brains', of the camera to other hidden cameras. Doing this will allow users to create an umbrella of security around their residence, vacation home, or business with a combination of overt and covert hidden video. Future security camera systems could be a combination of Doorbell Camera for the front door, Floodlight Camera for the back yard, Smoke Detector Camera for the kitchen, and Clock Camera for the office. Unlike Ring or Arlo, these camera will not stand out like cameras, drawing the attention of an intruder or making it easy for those engaging in bad behavior to avoid. Also unlike Ring, Arlo or Simplisafe, there are no set bundles with KJB Security Cameras. Choose the design and number of surveillance cameras you want to work in your space. 

There may be plenty of names and splashy ad campaigns all over the internet but when choosing security, hidden cameras, or surveillance for your home or office, choose the brand that's been leading the way for nearly two decades. 

Monday, August 10, 2020

Top Five Health and Safety Surveillance Cameras

In just a few short months the businesses we used to walk casually into have changed. Some have limited hours and require masks. Others have been unable to reopen because of an inability to make customers and employees feel safe. Everyone has been affected by the virus’ impact on the world including KJB Security. In late March we began searching for and testing a new kind of security equipment: the kind of camera that makes us feel safe against an intruder we can’t see. Our security equipment line expanded beyond spy and surveillance to Health and Safety. Here are our Top Five health and safety devices:

1) The Body Temperature Scanner Camera - TMT2. This camera is the workhorse of our health and safety fleet. In less than a second it scans for abnormal temperatures, prompts a user to wear a mask, and uses facial scanning to log that person’s presence in a facility. It’s perfect for access control at warehouses, large factories or processing plants. It can also become an all-in-one sanitation kiosk by adding a 4 foot stand and hand gel dispenser (TMT2CSD)

2) The Industrial Hands Free Body Thermometer - TMT3. As businesses like retail and hospitality began to welcome back customers we realized they needed a rapid-fire temp check device. The TMT3 is up to 3 times faster than a handheld thermometer. It has an audible warning for abnormal temperatures and can be attached to access control. 

3) The Touchless Thermometer with Hand Sanitizer Station - TMT3HS. Following in the footsteps of both TMT2 and TMT3 the Thermometer with Hand Sanitizer Station both checks temperatures and offers a quick squirt of hand gel. It can easily be mounted near the entrance points of a lobby, classroom, or office. Like the TMT3 it is up to 3 times faster than a handheld thermometer.

4) The Thirty Person Thermal Image Body Temp Scanner - TMT30. When concern about large gatherings contributing to the spread dawned across the business landscape it became obvious there needed to be a device that could scan crowds for symptoms. We introduced the TMT30. It can scan up to thirty people simultaneously. It does not use facial recognition but does sore records of individuals entering a space to help with contact tracing.

5) Rounding out our top 5 device line-up is not a camera or thermometer but all the accessories that make these health and safety surveillance cameras easy to add to your business. The TMT2 can be attached to an available desktop, 2 foot or 4 foot stand. The TMT3 and TMT3HS can be attached to a 4 foot tripod. And the TMT30 INCLUDES a 4 foot tripod. 

While we adjust to a new normal in the time of coronavirus the best way we can reclaim our freedom is to limit our exposure through social distancing and staying home. But when we can’t do that, devices that check temperature, maintain crowd control, and station hand sanitizer every few feet can make the public environments we frequent a safer place to be.

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Where to find a reliable US Supplier for RF Detectors

What Are RF Detectors?
RF detectors are devices which indicate the presence of radio frequency waves. They are often used to detect the presence of any spy surveillance devices nearby. Individuals trying to protect proprietary or personal information will often employ an RF detector to sweep a space for hidden listening devices or hidden cameras.

How Can RF Detectors Aid You?
An RF detector is a spy accessory used to indicate any hidden cameras or hidden listening devices, commonly called 'bugs'. Often while using restrooms, dorms, official buildings we suspect the presence of a camera nearby. While some smart phone apps claim they can search for hidden cameras or audio spying most smart phones are not able to check for the frequencies used by such spy equipment. RF detectors are reliable devices which can be used anywhere to ensure your own safety.

Where to get the best Wholesale RF Detectors
Although many sites such as Amazon promise cheap RF detectors there is no way to guarantee the quality of these counter measure devices. It's even harder for an online reseller to determine if their supplier is reliable or is just importing cheap junk with some lights and buzzers. That's where KJB Security comes in. We've been an online wholesale supplier of wholesale spy and security equipment for over twenty years. We test our products and vet our supply chain to make sure the RF detectors we wholesale to you are reliable and trustworthy. Want to sell wholesale RF detectors? Then visit our Become a Dealer Page.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

How Wholesale Spy Equipment Can Benefit Your Customers

In the present era, no one can be too careful. Security has become one of the most important priorities in our lives. Through spy equipment, individuals can easily keep an eye on a workplace or home. You can also monitor any kind of incident that has happened in your absence. Spy equipment includes many types of devices from spy cameras to audio jammers, GPS trackers, and voice amplifiers. Some of these spy devices are even small enough to fit on a keychain or in a button hole. Here are some of the reasons why spy gear is a good addition to a home or business security plan:

Identifying Criminals:
Through spy cams, thieves and burglars can be identified easily. If you have been robbed and you have footage of the robbery, you can use the footage to aid in the stolen goods' return. You should not use dummy cameras because they can be recognized effortlessly.

Aiding The Police:
By giving the recorded footage of the robbery to the police, the thieves will be caught. This way, the police will recover your lost items and prevent the thieves from committing future crimes.

Protecting Your Family:
Spy equipment can also be used to keep an eye on your children and pets especially when both parents are working outside the home.

Insurance Benefits:
Spy equipment can also be used to get insurance benefits after you have been a victim of theft. If you have been a subject to a personal liability claim on your property, spy cameras can determine what really happened. In some cases you can even get a discount on your insurance premiums by using spy equipment around your personal property.

Want to Sell the Best Spy Equipment Online?
There was a time when only a few people could afford spy cams at their houses and offices. Now with ever improving technology, much of the surveillance market has become more affordable. Many online retailers are adding spy, security, and surveillance equipment to their product mix. Customers who are interested in investing in the latest electronic gadgets are seeing spy gear as something valuable for their daily lives.

After twenty years in the business KJB Security has a reputation of manufacturing and distributing the best wholesale surveillance devices on the market. Their range of wholesale spy equipment includes:

4K Hidden Video and Spy Cameras:
With 4K resolution, 4K spy cams record crystal clear footage. This hidden video is recorded to a memory card onboard the spy camera. These hidden cameras are built into every day household objects that any individual can set up and then return to retrieve the video. Some are even battery powered and weather resistant allowing them to be set up outdoors.

Wi-fi Spy Cameras:
For users who don't want or don't think it's safe to return to where the camera is placed wi-fi spy cams are a good option. Like 4K hidden video cameras these surveillance devices can also be set up outside or battery-operated. The cameras send a live video feed to the user's smart phone for monitoring remotely.

LawMate Cameras and DVRs
Many law enforcment personnel have learned to rely on the brand name LawMate for hidden cameras and spy devices that help them close cases. KJB Security is the foremost distributor of LawMate products in North America. From law enforcement and private investigators to private citizens many individuals can buy and use LawMate cameras and DVRs from our dealer network.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Using Drop Shipping to Build An Online Business

What Is Drop Shipping?
Drop shipping has recently become a highly attractive way of earning a little extra cash. Through the practice of drop shipping you can partner with various suppliers selling products or various brands. These suppliers will let you display the products in your online store. The products are held by the supplier unless a customer purchases it from your web store. Once the item has been purchased the supplier delivers it directly to the customer.

Why Would You Drop Ship?
It's an effective and efficient way to increase the product line of an online retailer. By drop shipping the retailer or dealer does not incur the cost of buying and warehousing goods until they are sold.

What Is The Potential Hindrance?
Finding a reputable supplier for your web store is not an easy thing. Without knowing if a supplier is trustworthy, an online retailer might wind up in a relationship with a drop shipper that doesn't actually send the goods once purchased.

Be Cautious!
Do your due diligence! Study the webpages of drop ship partners you are considering. How often do their products change out? How many positive vs. negative reviews can you find? Are they considered an expert on the products in the market. Believe it or not working with a drop shipper that also sells their own products directly is a good thing. That means the company stands behind their products themselves and are less likely to disappear overnight leaving you holding the bag with an angry customer.

Why KJB Security as a Drop Ship partner for Spy Gear?
KJB Security is a seasoned wholesaler, distributer and a drop shipper of spy equipment. With over twenty years in the spy and surveillance business KJB Security has served a global clientele of large and small dealers alike. Behind the scenes their team is committed to same day problem solving. Drop shippers can choose to only purchase one line of products and there is no minimum purchase. KJB Security backs up all the products they sell with dedicated customer service and tech support. The process of becoming a KJB affiliated drop shipper is hassle-free. Find out more here.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

RF Detectors For Personal and Business Protection

Radio Frequency (RF) detectors are devices that check for the presence of radio frequency waves in an environment. Some common uses include:

Search for hidden listening devices:
A hidden listening device, or bug, can be disguised inside a lamp, hidden on a bookshelf or tucked into a plant stand. However an RF detector will signal when it senses unusual RF activity, and beep or click as it gets closer to that activity. Then a physical search of the suspicious location can reveal if someone really has been spying on your conversations.

Search for hidden cameras:
Cameras hidden in your home, hotel room, Air BnB rental or office space can transmit video over wi-fi to a waiting smart phone. If you suspect that someone is spying on you use a RF detector to search for the presence of unusal wi-fi activity. Like when search for hidden bugs, the RF detector will beep or click when it gets near the hidden camera.

Search for GPS monitoring devices:
If you suspect that someone has been following you or its just too much of a coincidence that a certain individual keeps turning up in the same place at the same time it could be because they are tracking your vehicle. While that's a disconcerting notion it is easily determined with an RF detector. The RF detector can search for devices transmitting wi-fi or GPS signals from your vehicle.

RF Detectors for Everyday Use

If you sell wholesale spy equipment online and would like to offer security and surveillance to your privacy minded customers then consider adding these popular wholesale RF detectors to your product mix:

Concealable Wand
It is small enough to fit into your pocket, which makes it portable. It's battery power is 20 hours. It contains three types of alert modes (normal, vibrating and loud audio).

RF Wireless Signal Detector by iProtect
This type of RF detector has an antenna on top of it to catch RF signals in crowded environments. It protects you from all kinds of digital, analog, WiFi or cellular threats. You can keep a different signal for each alert so only you know the meaning of it.

Handheld RF Signal Detector
It is very small and, like the wand, it can be fitted into a purse or pocket. Try both analog and digital detection to see what suits you better. It is a cellular and audio bug detector. It searches for the target that gives off the signals so a hidden camera or audio bug can be located and then disabled.

Professional Digital RF Detector
This detector not only detects cameras but also Bluetooth, WI-FI and other devices that generate RF signals to ensure complete privacy. It pinpoints the exact source of the signals. You can also change its notification tones such as silent, vibration, and loud audio.

Personal Multi Bug Detector
It is a compact device that detects all sorts of threats such as audio, video, bugs, GPS, etc. Through this detector, you can protect your privacy anywhere you want to. It works with a 9V battery and does not need to be charged.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Year in Review

It has been a great year here at KJB. We added many new products; updated and discontinued some as well. Read on for some of our biggest additions and changes:

Just added is an indoor remote view camera with a long-life battery. The DVR140WF has 15 Hours of continuous recording or up to four months of standby battery time. It is the perfect indoor remote access camera. Plus the manufacturer offers a way to purchase a cloud recording plan.

The DIY110 and DIY110EB are replacing the DIY100 and DIY100EB. The remote view and the sever are more reliable on the new units. The user can see video live, record to a memory card, and check recording on a PC or smart device.

We are discontinuing the KT100, a product that has been in our product line since the beginning. We are looking for similar replacements, so stay tuned.

In late December we'll begin selling another exclusive product called the deScammer. This little handheld device will search for credit card skimmers on gas pumps, ATMs or any suspicious point of sale. Keep your information safe from identity thieves with one-touch protection from the deScammer. Come check us out at CES Eureka Park Booth 52946.

Saving the biggest news for last, KJB Security plans to unveil a new website in the first quarter of 2020. With an updated user interface and search tools it will be more user friendly for both dealers and end users. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and happy season and a peaceful, prosperous new year. Please take a moment to remember all those who can’t be here this holiday season. Family and friends that will be away from home and Armed Forces members serving here and abroad,

KJB Security is the premier supplier of spy and covert surveillance cameras, GPS trackers and detection devices. With high quality, top-of-the-line equipment for every budget, our customers have many choices of features and prices when purchasing equipment.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

How Two Step Password Protection Keeps You Safe From Hackers

Recent news stories about less expensive cameras sold by Amazon being hacked should be a wake-up call to anyone trying to buy a hidden camera. A consumer watchdog group revealed that “certain cheap IP cameras found on Amazon can easily let hackers into users' homes.” Most of the less expensive cameras use single step password protection or no password protection at all.

The hidden camera buyer may not even understand the difference until a hacker has already watched them for several days via their security cameras. That hacker now knows their morning routine, when someone is at home or not, and possibly even the security code to a house alarm.

The difference between single step vs. two step password protection
Single step protection means that a snoop or a spy only has to guess one password, usually the one protecting your user account, to gain access to the camera. Two step protection means that the user account has a password - and the camera ALSO has a password. Once the user sets the password for the camera it is yours and yours alone. Not even tech support for most camera manufacturers can access your camera's password.

Some basic password tips
Don’t use any personal information, birthdays, anniversaries, children’s names or “your regular password”. Using a standard password for everything may seem easy but if it is found out, then every account that you used that password on is compromised. Also, popular but easy to guess are favorite sports teams, bands or college names. Strange combinations of swear words may seem to be safe but still are not as secure as you may think. The best passwords include a capitol letter and a lower case letter and at least 1 number and a character such as @,#,* etc.

Investing in a two step password protected camera

The SleuthGear line of cameras features the SG Home DVR; a memory card based hidden camera with Wi-Fi local and remote view, and the SG Home CVR; a cloud based hidden camera system that also offers live and remote view and recording via Wi-Fi using our SG Home app. Not only is the SG Home app use a U.S. based password protected server; the app and camera together require two passwords to be set. The process to set up this two-step password protection is simple and straightforward.  

Monday, September 23, 2019

Don't Let A Foreign Government Ruin Your Morning

This morning the kids were running late, the bus was running early, and you ran out of time to make a quick call to your mom in her new assisted living center.

Finally at your desk, you log in to the remote view camera you installed when she moved in – but instead of seeing your mom's cheerful living room you see a black screen. No picture, no live feed. The camera just stopped working. Looks like the cheap camera you chose has a peace-of-mind cost that you weren't planning on.

KJB uses Amazon Web Servers (AWS) for our line of IP remote view cameras. These servers are all based in the United States. All SleuthGear cameras use AWS to provide live remote view and recording. Unlike less expensive cameras, SleuthGear cameras use a two stage log in and a required password. This two stage authentication protects your videos from getting into the wrong hands, not only from your device but also from the servers housing your videos. Amazon Web Servers require any person using their server to have that dedicated password. Yes the two step authentication can be a bit more complicated set up – but do you want that video of Mom in her new apartment available for strangers to easily hack?

Speaking of your mom's new apartment let's get back to that blank screen. Recently the remote feed from IP cameras similar to SleuthGear was suddenly shut down by the foreign governments housing those servers with no explanation. Individuals using those cameras were left without a live feed and questioned if their recorded videos had been hacked. But customers using KJB's SleuthGear Hidden Cameras reported no such interruption. Amazon Web Servers were not affected.

KJB Security does not make short term security products. We've been in the hidden and remote camera business for twenty years. We back our products with America based tech support and take your peace-of-mind seriously.

Want to see a step by step guide to set up our Amazon Web Server based SleuthGear cameras? For Android users click here, iOS users click here.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

3 Tips for Selling Your Customers DIY Hidden Cameras

While hidden camera designers can be very inventive when hiding a video camera inside a household object, they may not be as imaginative as a DIYer! Read up on our tips for showing off a hidden camera to the DIY audience:

• Make sure the DIY customer knows about the battery life of the camera if applicable and how placement might affect that. High traffic areas will run down battery life causing disappointment for the uninformed DIY customer.

• Educate the DIY customer about the difference between a stand alone DVR and a wi-fi camera. When the customer buys a hidden camera kit to “reverse engineer” an object in their home they may NOT think about how easy it is to go back and retrieve the recorded footage. Explain that a DVR hidden camera captures hidden video on an onboard memory card. While there is no need to set up this stand-alone DVR camera onto a household wi-fi network the customer also will not be able to view the footage remotely or retrieve it without returning to where the camera is placed. A wi-fi enable hidden video camera will allow the user to view the footage remotely possibly making returning for the camera irrelevant.

• Encourage the DIY hidden camera customer to be creative! Think about objects peculiar to their office or home that would work as good hidden video decoys. Are they concerned about neglect at their doggie day spa? Then consider adding a pinhole hidden camera to a food bowl or dog treat container. Do they run a skating rink or arcade and suspect some skaters have figured out how to hack the change machine? Then a DIY project placing a hidden camera in an arcade prize might be the ticket to changing that bad behavior.

Understanding the limits and benefits of a hidden camera along with creating a camera unique to the space it is monitoring are key steps to a successful DIY undercover operation.  

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Car from Theft or Vandalism

As the mercury in the thermometer climbs it seems like reports of petty crimes involving vehicles climb with it. It's also the time of year when the summer rush causes us to forget the most basic common sense approach to keeping our car and items inside safe. But all it takes is a few minutes to stop and think about these 5 ways to keep your car safe and not start your summer off with a police report:

1. Lock the doors. If you don’t have a keychain remote with a convenient button that locks all the doors just take the time to check. Also make sure your sun roof, moon roof, and windows are rolled up and closed. Don't make it easy to reach into an unlocked car and take a handful of CDS, a Bluetooth speaker or even a handful of change. Even if you run into a store for just two seconds, leaving the car running or unlocked is asking for trouble. Although keyless entry makes your car a little more secure, in the event you forget all of this lock-it-up advice, invest in a GPS tracker. In the worst case scenario, you can track your car in real time until the police get there.

2. Keep valuables out of sight. Your GPS navigation unit is great, you may want to hold on to it. If it's a portable navigation system, place it in the glove box, center console or the trunk. The same goes for any item that is not mounted to something. Let's be honest, your purse is not safe tucked under the seat. It's safe in the locked trunk. 

3. Park in well-lit areas. Even if you have to walk a little farther you should park where your car is safe. Petty thieves are looking for an easy target and a car sitting in a well lit area is not it. Good lighting also makes it easier for criminal activity to be recorded by nearby security cameras.

4. Don't advertise the nice stuff you keep in the car. Don't give your neighbors a chance to talk about your new stereo system by playing it loudly. You never know who might be listening. The same goes for advertising the kind of phone you have by placing its logo on your back window. You might as well say, “yep, I have an expensive phone, want to take a look?”

5. Put a hidden camera in or near your car. This way even if someone does break in you will have a video record of it. Hidden cameras like the Cell Phone Holder Camera are less likely to be stolen. It looks like a typical, cheap, dash-mounted plastic phone holder but it will capture the the person who decides to root around in your unlocked car. Another possibility is the Car Charger Hidden Camera. It's not only great for catching criminals who stop by your driveway at night it's also an easy way to find out if your mechanic really did swipe the change out of your console.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Is a Smart Phone App the same as a Detection Device?

Is a Smart Phone App the same as a Detection Device?
As the news cycle shows recent stories of spying threats in hotel rooms and rental houses many developers are touting smart phone apps as an option for scanning a space for hidden bugs or video cameras. But how effective are these apps? We took a look and discovered some key differences between common 'detection' apps and the average handheld detection device.

Magnetic Field Sensor
Most of the smart phone apps require your phone to have a magnetic field sensor or they will not work. The magnetic field sensor is similar to what is found in a stud finder or compass app and not all phones come equipped with it. Handheld detectors like a camera finder or an RF signal detector do not require any additional technology to work with the exception of batteries.

Detection from a distance
The smart phone apps did find hidden camera lens and RF signals but only when the user was really close to the hidden camera or hidden bug.  The camera lens detection option on the apps we tried caused the smart phone's light to flash slowly in order to reflect off of the hidden lens. The light from the phone managed to reflect on the lens when the distance between the hidden camera and the smart phone was closed to about 15 inches apart. Trying a basic handheld detection device like a Spy Finder or a Hidden Camera RF Detector the flashing LEDs on the detection devices picked up the hidden lens from about 15 feet away.

Sensitivity Adjustment
The smart phone apps did not offer much ability to change the sensitivity of detection. The magnetic field sensor did do a good job finding electronics but it found all of them. So a camera hidden in a picture was easy to locate. A camera hidden in a clock radio was masked by all the other electronics inside. Likewise, the apps that detected RF signals picked up signals for everything from a wireless mouse to the hidden video transmitter. Using a Wireless Camera Detector we were able to narrow the sensitivity and focus on areas that were most likely  to have a hidden camera or listening device.

Our Take Away
Smart phone apps are a viable solution for a one time scan of a very small, bare, space. But for even an average sized space, like a hotel room, it would take a fair amount of patience and time to scan the entire area. Even then a camera or hidden bug inside a clock or electronic device could be missed due to the interference from non spying electronics. For users traveling frequently or users concerned about spying outside of hidden camera or bugs such as GPS trackers, a handheld detection device could be a good investment.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

5 Top Spots Spy Cameras Could be Hidden

5 Top Spots Spy Cameras Could be Hidden

How easy it is to forget that hidden surveillance is a constant threat. After checking your home and office, be sure to check these commonly forgotten areas for hidden spy camera dangers: 

1. Uncover Hidden Dorm Room Cameras 
You may not suspect a college campus but anyone – from a roommate with free time to a student with a cheating problem – might use a hidden camera to spy on you.  Use our DD3100, a simple rf detector device to find a camera that may be hidden dorm rooms, public rooms and even in the showers.

2. Save your future self from embarrassment in Hotel Rooms
The nightly news tells us horror stories about hidden cameras in hotels regularly. A quick check with our DD12031 can save you from an unexpected phone call. Can you imagine getting the call where a police officer awkwardly informs you that your entire hotel stay was caught on camera? With everything you pack that you don’t need, adding a wireless detector might be a good idea. 

3. Make sure your new boss doesn't have ideas outside the boardroom:
We all know what its like to start a new job. Everything is new and feels beyond your control. The restroom, the last vestige of your personal sanity, should be checked to be sure no unwanted eyes pry into your visit. The DD3150 is small and portable and will quickly deal with any covert spy cameras.

4. Check changing Rooms and Dressing rooms
Full length mirrors and poorly fitting doors are the earmark of changing and dressing rooms all over the world. Using our Spyfinder Pro you will instantly know where a spy camera is. Use a spy finder to cheek for unwanted watchers using pinhole cameras. You should be able to try on those new jeans without snooping eyes behind a pinhole camera. 

5. The Gym Should be a Safe Workout Place 
Hidden cameras in locker rooms are many times overlooked. It’s been a hard day at work and you need to work the stress of the day away at the gym. As you head into the locker room, you wonder, “How many places can a camera be hidden?” Well, the answer is in a locker, a ceiling vent, or even what appears to be a forgotten gym bag. Checking for a spy camera is quick and easy using our DD802 and a few minutes of time, makes your time at the gym much easier, well except for the workout.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

5 Tips to Get the Best Video From Your Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

Most actual smoke detectors are placed just above a doorway as you enter or exit a room. however this might not be the best place for a hidden camera smoke detector as the subject of interest could walk through the door so quickly that they do not trigger the camera's PIR sensor. Instead consider placing the smoke detector above a window or closet door in the back of the room. This will allow the PIR sensor time to fully activate the camera and the intruder will be walking toward the hidden camera instead of away from it. 

Bottom View Smoke Detector Camera
This model of hidden camera has a hidden camera pointed out the bottom of the detector body. If this unit is mounted on the ceiling it will capture what is directly below. This means that a subject walking through a doorway will have the top of their head in view but not their face. Consider mounting a bottom view smoke detector camera on a wall, opposite of the doorway you suspect the subject will use. In this position the camera will capture all of the doorway and most of the floor to ceiling space of an average room with 9 foot high ceilings.

Bottom view smoke detector hidden camera mounted on ceiling

Bottom view smoke detector hidden camera mounted on wall

Side View Smoke Detector Camera
In this model of hidden camera the camera is mounted on the side of the detector body with the camera tilted slightly downward. Mount it on ceiling for an angle that will capture most of the floor space of a medium sized room as well as about 4-6 feet above the floor. When monitoring a long hallway consider having more than one hidden camera smoke detector mounted every 10-12 feet. This allows the subject to be captured on video in multiple positions and allows the PIR sensor on the additional camera to be triggered just as the subject is leaving the first camera's field of view.
Side view smoke detector hidden camera mounted on ceiling

Pick the Best Camera for the Space While a smoke detector is a pretty ordinary object to have in most spaces, in some spaces it might draw attention. For example it would be unusual to see a smoke detector mounted in a carport, a better choice would be the Cable Box Camera or even the Birdhouse Camera.

Monitoring Busy PlacesNo matter how much life a hidden camera battery might have, if the camera is being constantly activated by ordinary coming and going in a busy spot the battery will wear down quickly, possibly in less than a day. While you can check video recorded when the camera was active, no more video will be recorded until the battery can be recharged. Our hidden cameras that plug into an AC outlet are the best choice for this kind of surveillance. Another option is to take advantage of the Scheduled Recording option in the SG Home app. If you know when the person you are monitoring will be in the area you can set the camera to only wake to the PIR during that time, thus saving battery life.

Channel Your Inner Wile E. CoyoteThat rascally coyote never gave up chasing the Roadrunner. While we don't suggest tying an anvil to your hidden camera we DO suggest not giving up the first time if it doesn't capture the problem. Surveillance is as much an art as a science. You may need to adjust your camera placement, be prepared to schedule its recording time or be ready to check the memory card multiple times during the day. If climbing up a ladder to retrieve video from an SD card would draw attention to the hidden camera itself then monitor your video from your smart phone. You can even subscribe to our Cloud Recording and have access to downloaded video for a longer period of time without having to return to the camera at all.

Finally, remember that hidden cameras sometimes tell us good news. If after choosing your camera, carefully selecting its placement, and diligently checking its recording you discover that the suspicious behavior you originally noticed is actually quite innocent then consider it a good day. Breathe a sigh of relief and store your camera in a safe place for the next time you suspect a Road Runner has been sneaking around your cave.

Camera Placement Dos and Don'ts Checklist:
• DON'T place a camera near a doorway or other area that the subject would quickly walk by without triggering the camera

• DO make sure the camera fits into the use of the room and will not draw attention to itself 

• DO make sure the camera is plugged in for monitoring busy areas just as a business' entry lobby

• DON'T mount a side view camera on a wall. 

• DO be prepared to adjust your cameras placement at the beginning of your surveillance

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Protect Your Organization from Spying Threats

Cameras are everywhere, from Ring to facial recognition that unlocks your smartphone. People are being conditioned to be on camera even when they don't want to be. Corporations and institutions are seeing their private spaces invaded also, particularly as intellectual property is increasingly under threat of being stolen. In 2016 the FBI reported a 53% increase in the number of corporate espionage cases being investigated.

Institutions blind to the growing number intrusion of cameras and recording devices risk competing with their own stolen intellectual property. Certain international players see corporate espionage as a growth strategy, not just a short term means to an end. Many institutions think only of securing their IP in cyberspace and ignore the real threat lurking in their boardrooms, recruiter offices, or break rooms. One only needs to look at the latest headlines involving the intended theft of T-Mobile's robot technology via secretly collected pictures. With the growth of internet connected devices it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the employee microwave is silently streaming project details to a murky competitor.
However taking steps to secure your organization beyond cyber threats has a payoff: Scanning areas where your employees work with international partners will reveal any surreptitious recording devices. Training your employees to utilize detection devices puts them at the front lines of being able to detect and stop a theft before it happens.

All you need to begin a complete surveillance detection protocol are a set of comprehensive tools:

  • Cameras are easily scanned for with a handheld lens detector that confirms the presence of a hidden camera whether or not it's in operation.
  • Handheld detection devices can scan for hidden GPS trackers,  listening and video transmitting devices. Meeting in a new space? Many of these are small enough to carry with you and do a quick scan before a meeting begins.
  • Spectrum analyzers serve the needs of the largest institutions and government offices. Equipped with the ability to scan all transmitting frequencies, these devices quickly become go-to tools to guard against privacy invasion.

Recently a customer came to us concerned that private conversations were being compromised after a chance meeting with a presumed potential client at an out-of-town trade show. The new client seemed to know exact details of our customer's itinerary as well as other private conversations. Evidence mounted that this 'new client' was trying to determine who else our customer was establishing business relationships with, even during after hours meetings. After investing in a handheld detection device and an afternoon of practicing scanning with our customer service team, our customer discovered a hidden tracker on a vehicle used for business as well as listening devices in the office space. Finding these hidden devices allowed our customer to bring law enforcement into the matter and stop the unwanted surveillance threat.

Protecting your organization from spying threats should be a multi-pronged approach. Once your institution has implemented a regular surveillance detection scanning plan both employees and outside partners will feel secure that outside surveillance is not jeopardizing trade information. Employees will be free to work without fear of having their efforts undermined by secret audio and video surveillance. And IP protection teams will have more time and resources to devote to catching slippery cyber opportunists.

Essentially protecting your institution's physical space from spying threats increases protection of ALL space from spying threats.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holidays

Top 5 tips for Keeping Your Home Safe
during the Holidays

You’re not alone if you are traveling this Holiday Season. November is upon us and like you lots of people have travel plans approaching from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. In 2017, we had record-breaking travel from November through December, the busiest months for long-distance trips every year. Increasing numbers of homes are left unattended every year during the holidays.

Enjoy a worry-free trip this holiday. Follow these few tips to keep your home secure while you’re away this season.

1. Keep Up with Home Maintenance. Don’t leave a calling card for potential intruders. Nothing tips them off more than mail, packages or newspapers piling up, overgrown landscape, or snow in the driveway. Make sure you arrange for these few things to be taken care of while you are away. Have a friend pick them up or have your mail or newspapers stopped all together. This news report of a home invasion tells how the thief knew no one was home by the newspapers in the driveway. Don’t fall victim to this simple mistake.

2. Make it look like someone is home. You may have heard this one before, but we often forget it in our time of hustle and bustle to get on the road. Simply adding a timer to your lights to turn on at a certain time can make it look like someone is home. Our outdoor version can double as outside hidden security. Having a dark home is a dead ringer you aren’t there. You don’t need to channel your inner Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, to make your space look occupied. Some other tricks are leaving a pair of shoes by the door, keeping a TV on or keeping a car in the driveway.

3. Lock Up. It’s obvious, but sometimes we forget. A large number of home invasions happen through unlocked entry. Take an extra walk through your home to make sure all the windows and doors are locked while you are away. Lock up or move any valuables out of sight. Also make sure you don’t have any spare keys hidden in obvious places outside your home.

4. Home Security. Whether it’s a dog, alarm system or video surveillance, you will know when someone has entered your home. Our covert video surveillance is disguised in your everyday objects that get overlooked in most circumstances. You can arm yourself with a standalone DVR, WiFi or cloud storage camera. WiFi and Cloud cameras have the ability of notifying you when they detect movement in the area of view. With FREE apps, you can check-in with live streaming, recording and play back options at anytime from anywhere you get a signal. And if your home is broken into while you’re away, you can notify the authorities and have clear evidence of the perpetrator to take to law enforcement.

5. Keep your plans off Social Media. In a high technological society, we tend to overshare. We check-in and post from everywhere. Don’t put your holiday travel schedule in print for everyone to see because that information is widely accessed. Keep a close friend or neighbor in the loop, they can check on your place while you are gone. You don’t need to share right away, if you take any pictures or have any fun experience, post them when you return.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

KJB Explains to Good Morning America How To Avoid Hidden Cameras On Vacation

Security expert Chad Kozlowski shares tips after a couple claim they found a hidden camera in their cruise ship stateroom. Watch the segment from Good Morning America:

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