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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5 Ways Home Automation and Security Work Hand in Hand

Over the next couple of months KJB Security will be transitioning our ENTIRE line of SleuthGear Wi-Fi cameras to SG Home automation with our new SG Home App. Home automation and security work hand in hand. This merger of your favorite home and business security products with the new world of home and business automation brings with it some great features and advantages that will make your life so much easier.

Here are 5 ways home automation and security work hand in hand.

Home automation keeps safety within your control 24/7
With our SG Home app you now have 24 hour / 7 days a week remote live viewing from the palm of your hand. Yes, this means you can be 2,000 miles away on a beach sipping a fruity drink while viewing your home our business interior or exterior to make sure everything is secure! Or you can be at an event and check in on your kids anytime you need to simply with a glance at your phone. Keep an eye on everything: Your home, business, kids, pets and valuable possessions from your tablet, PC or smartphone. Don’t like what you see? One touch recording allows you to quickly record and share video or snapshots of the scene. Anytime… from anywhere.

Home automation is secure
We’ve made sure you will feel secure every time you check on your home or business from your SG Home app by enabling password protection. Furthermore, hidden SSID means that your camera's location is completely hidden from intruders. And last but not least, built-in battery operated covert camera models are available, including outdoor cameras, for an additional layer of security. Get up to 90 days of standby battery life in these hidden cameras that blend into your home, office or outdoor environment.

Home automation simplifies your life
One touch recording allows you to quickly record and share video or snapshots of the scene. Our SG Home long life battery models offer up to 90 days of standby recording. One touch recording allows you to quickly record and share video or snapshots of the scene. Plus switching from the EZ See app used by our old products to the new SG Home app will make setup a snap.

Home automation alerts you immediately
Our new SG Home app sends push notifications when the camera is activated by something entering its area! You can quickly wake up the camera to check the scene remotely from the SG Home app with Wake PIR. Afraid of false alerts? We’ve got that covered. Our latest technology has PIR sensors for fewer false alerts.

Our Home Security Automation will soon include Cloud recording!
KJB Security will soon be first in the WORLD to offer cloud recording for hidden cameras! With cloud recording you will be able to access your recorded videos from any device connected to the internet. Also, your files won’t take up valuable space on your hard drive. Finally, with cloud recording you can have peace of mind knowing your files will always be safe from hackers or computer failure. The future of cloud recording for Wi-Fi covert security cameras will be here very soon!

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