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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

ISC West Follow Up

Wow! The only word to describe ISC West 2017 is SUCCESS!

Our Kill Marry Kiss breakdown of ISC West:
  • Kill- The dry weather out in Vegas! Got so dry I lost my voice! (Jill)
  • Kill- Our flight. Was delayed until 2am in the morning. UGH! (Neil)
  • Marry- Our customers! We had so much fun with them in at our booth! (Neil)
  • Marry- The show closing bell! (Jill)
  • Kiss- Crystal from LawMate as she did a great job in our booth! (Neil)
  • Kiss- The new delta X! It was a huge success! (Jill)
Neil with Crystal and Peter
We met with a wide variety of customers from installers, law enforcement, resellers, end-users, corporate security, loss prevention and much more. Everyone was very pleased to find KJB as we were the only company offering the wide range of security and Surveillance tools at ISC West.

Our ISC West customers were excited about the following KJB Security initiatives:
  • Our product line moving to a Cloud based solution!
  • The new remote access and remote playback features of the SG-Home as well as the responsiveness to the app.
  • The Delta X was a big hit, especially the GPS Car Tracker mode! The GPS mode is a selectable option within the Delta X’s software that identifies every SMS signal used by US based GPS trackers. Placed within the car while driving the Delta X will analyze each individual pre-selected SMS signal, allowing the Delta to monitor if such signals are being transmitted and detected and in what pattern this is occurring.

Until next year ISC West!!

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